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I am an Honorary Fellow and Teaching Associate in the Department of English Studies. I also teach English as an Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University. I have previously taught Translation (MA) at Durham, in the School of Modern Languages & Cultures. At Department of English Studies, in addition to Level 1 modules, I have taught on a range of English Literature modules, including 'Post-war Fiction and Poetry' (L3), 'Literature of the Modern Period' (L2), 'Victorian Literature' (L2), and 'Literature of the Romantic Period' (L2).

I specialise in the literature and culture of Decadence and Aestheticism and have published widely on on fin-de-siècle themes. I am the author of The Decadent Image: The Poetry of Wilde, Symons, and Dowson (Edinburgh University Press, 2015), partly funded by the Friends of Princeton University Library Research Grant (FPUL). I have co-edited The Decadent Short Story: An Annotated Anthology (Edinburgh University Press, 2014), a book that showcases the instrumental role of little magazines in the shaping of the short story form. I co-edited, with Mark Sandy, the essay collection Decadent Romanticism: 1780-1914 (Ashgate, 2015). I have also co-edited volumes on aspects of modernism and modernity: Literary and Cultural Alternatives to Modernism: Unsettling Presences (Routledge, 2019) and Aphoristic Modernity: 1880 to the Present (Brill, 2020). Published journal articles and chapters in volumes are devoted to such authors as Oscar Wilde, Arthur Symons, Ernest Dowson, and Arthur Machen.

I am currently working, among other things, on a collection of essays, with Joseph Thorne, on Neo-Victorian Decadence, to appear in Brill's Neo-Victorian Series. In connection with this project, I am on the co-organising committee of a study group and a conference on neo-Victorian decadence to be held in October 2022 in Pescara, hosted by the Centre of Victorian and Edwardian Studies (CUSVE) at the D'Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara and the Decadence Research Centre (Goldsmiths). A monograph on science fiction and decadence is in preparation. 

Research interests

  • Aestheticism and Decadence
  • Legacies of decadence
  • Fin-de-siècle literature and culture
  • Comparative literature / Translation
  • 1890s little magazines
  • Science fiction
  • metatextuality / metapoetics

Esteem Indicators

  • 2016: : Keynote talk. ;‘Tropes of Tainted Medievalism: Ernest Dowson’s Recasting of Fin’Amor.’ ‘Ernest Dowson (1867–1900): Poet, Translator, Novelist.’ Goldsmiths, University of London. 15 April 2016.
  • 2015: : Invited talk. ;‘Raconteur and Racketeer: Oscar Wilde and the Confidence Trick.’ Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History. Liverpool John Moores University. 24 November 2015.
  • 2013: : Princeton University Library Research Grant. The Friends of Princeton University Library (FPUL). Firestone Library. Value: $2,500.00.


Authored book

  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2015). The Decadent Image: The Poetry of Wilde, Symons and Dowson. Edinburgh University Press.

Book review

  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2020). The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World. By Catherine Nixey. Literature and Theology 34(4): 510-511.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2020). 'Oscar: A Life. By Matthew Sturgis'. Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism (SWPA) 5: 133-136.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2019). Decadence: A Very Short Introduction. By David Weir. Volupté Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies 2(1): 146-151.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2019). Algernon Charles Swinburne. Ed. by Francis O'Gorman; Algernon Charles Swinburne: Unofficial Laureate. Ed. by Catherine Maxwell and Stefano Evangelista. Notes and Queries 66(3): 481-483.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2018). Scents and Sensibility: Perfume in Victorian Literary Culture. By Catherine Maxwell. The Review of English Studies 69(291): 801-803.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2018). Steampunk and Nineteenth-Century Digital Humanities: Literary Retrofuturisms, Media Archaeologies, Alternate Histories. By Roger Whitson. The BARS Review 52.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2013). How Literature Changes the Way We Think. By Michael Mack. Postgraduate English (26).
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2013). Decadence: An Annotated Anthology. By Jane Desmarais and Chris Baldick. European English Messenger 22(1): 93-94.

Chapter in book

Edited book

  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas & Michael Shallcross (2019). Aphoristic Modernity: 1880 to the Present. Literary Modernism, Vol. 6. Brill.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas, Patterson, Anthony & Sandy, Mark (2019). Literary and Cultural Alternatives to Modernism: Unsettling Presences. Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature. Routledge.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas & Sandy, Mark (2015). Decadent Romanticism: 1780-1914. The Nineteenth Century Series. Ashgate.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas, Yoonjoung Choi & Matthew Brinton Tildesley (2014). The Decadent Short Story: An Annotated Anthology. Edinburgh University Press.

Journal Article

  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2021). Oscar Wilde and the Confidence Trick. Journal of Victorian Culture 26(4): 596-610.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2019). 'Decadence and the Necrophilic Intertext of Film Noir: Nikos Nikolaidis’ Singapore Sling'. Volupté Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies 2(2): 143-177.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2018). ‘“The Universe” An Unpublished Sonnet by Arthur Symons’. Volupté Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies 1(1): 89-94.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2014). 'Simulation in The Picture of Dorian Gray: Echoing Hamlet, Anticipating Baudrillard, and the Comparative'. Comparative Critical Studies 11(1): 7-27.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2013). ‘“The Serried Maze” Terrain, Consciousness and Textuality in Machen’s The Hill of Dreams’. Victoriographies 3(1): 46-63.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2012). ‘The Darkening of the Mirror: C. P. Cavafy’s Variations on The Picture of Dorian Gray’. Journal of Modern Greek Studies 30(1): 21-43.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2011). ‘“Jeweled Style” Autonomous Artificiality as Gemstone Text-ure in Wilde’s The Sphinx’. Style 45(3): 510-527.
  • Boyiopoulos, Kostas (2010). ‘“Esoteric Elements” The Judeo-Christian Scheme in Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan’. Neophilologus 94: 363-374.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)