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Latif Oksuz

Customer Services Assistant

Customer Services Assistant in the Department of Archaeology
Customer Service Assistant in the University Library and Collections


I received my BA in Classic Archaeology at the Ataturk University in Turkey in 2012. In 2017, I completed my master’s degree in the Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures at Mississippi State University.

Current Research Topic

A quantified analysis of mortuary practices in Anatolia during the Bronze and Iron Ages.


Burial customs reveal a critical part of people’s activities and social performance through time and have been examined using a wide range of approaches. However, these have mostly focused upon individual sites, or taken the form of region/period analyses pitched a limited spatial scale. In contrast, by taking a large-scale quantitive approach to mortuary evidence from the Levant, The Invisible Dead Project has demonstrated the existence of very substantial, space-time differences in the nature and quantity of mortuary activity. This has opened a whole range of new research questions. My thesis aims to apply this novel approach to the Anatolian data, and to assess the extent to which there are contrasts with patterns identified in the Levant.

In order to do this, I collate the burial data from the different regions of Anatolia through the Bronze and Iron Ages, and examine geographic and chronological patterns, in mortuary practices within the context of wider socio-political changes in Anatolia. Particular parameters which are quantity, grave goods, grave type, burial type, burial practice type, age and gender will be looked at for the patterning in burial records.

Conference Presentation

2018- Poster: “Burial Customs in Anatolia during the Bronze Age” presented at British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA), Durham, UK

2017- Paper: “K8 House: A Domestic Space from the Iron Age II Occupation, Tell Halif, Israel” presented at the 15th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium at Mississippi State University, MS, USA

2016- Poster: “The Shining City of Ancient Troad: Parion from 2005 To 2016” presented at American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), San Antonia, Texas, USA


2018/2019: Tutor for undergraduate module ‘Ancient Civilisations:Sources, Approaches, Methods’


2015: Field school participant at the Topper Site, South Carolina, USA, Mississippi State University, Director Dr. Shane Miller.

2013: Archaeologist, at the Kınık Hoyuk Excavation, Turkey, University of Pavia and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, Niğde University and Ataturk University, Director Prof. Lorenzo D’Alfanso.

2009-2012: Excavation Supervisor at the Parion Ancient City, Turkey, Ataturk University, Director Prof. Cevat Basaran

Selected grants and bursaries

2012- Present: Full Scholarship awarded by Turkish Ministry of Education in order to study Master and PhD in the UK or USA (scholarship covers tuition, fees and living expenses)

2016: AMEC Graduate Student Funding for Travel to National or International Meetings

2015: AMEC Graduate Student Funding for Travel to National or International Meetings