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Dr Liam Liburd

Assistant Professor (Black British History)

Assistant Professor (Black British History) in the Department of History
Associate Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study


Liam J. Liburd studies the history of 'race' and racism, and empire and decolonisation and their legacies in modern Britain. He is particularly interested in how the work of Black thinkers and insights drawn from Black history can help us to carry out a long overdue revitalisation of the academic study of British history.

He completed his thesis - which interrogated the relationship between British fascism and British imperialism between 1918 and 1968 - at the University of Sheffield in 2019. Since then, in his current and forthcoming publications, he has continued to explore this theme in more detail, aiming to prompt a re-consideration of the place of British fascism in the politics of race in modern British history. He is currently investigating the ways in which Black thinkers and political activists have theorised about fascism.

Aside from his academic writing and teaching, he also featured on the BBC Radio 4 documentary Britain’s Fascist Thread.

Research groups
  • Britain and Continental Europe
  • Modern
  • Transnational history

Research interests

  • Black British history
  • History of 'race' & racism in modern Britain
  • History of the British white supremacist movement
  • British imperial history
  • The legacies of empire & decolonisation