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Miss Linda Arrighi

Research Postgraduate

MSci Neuroscience | PCert Research Methods

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Research Postgraduate in the Department of Psychology  


2015 High School Diploma from Humanities High School with Latin & Greek "Polo Romani", Italy

2020 MSci Neuroscience - Integrated with Work Placement year from University of Glasgow

2021 PCert in Research Methods from Durham University

Current Role

I am currently an ESRC funded Cognitive Psychology student at Durham University. My PhD research explores the physiological correlates of stereotype threat and stress and their effect on cognition. The aim of our research is to develop interventions to counteract the effect of stereotype threat both physiologically and cognitively.

During 2021, I have worked with the EDI SAT as a PGR representative to tackle issues of equality, diversity and inclusion that the student body feels affected by within the Psychology Department at Durham University.

Research Groups

Department of Psychology

Quantitative Social Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience

Research interests

  • A biopsychosocial approach to cognitive sex differences
  • Neuromodulatory properties of sex hormones
  • Spatial attention and spatial cognition
  • Gender stereotypes
  • The effect of stress on cognition