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Mr Lingyan Xia

DCAD Fellow

DCAD Fellow in the Durham Centre for Academic Development (DCAD)
Member of the Durham Law School


Lingyan XIA has start his PhD research in Durham University since Oct. 2020. He is supervised by Professor Ming Du and Dr. Zhiyu LI. Before that, he has been awarded with Bachelor of Laws (2015) and Master of Civil of Commercial Law (2019) by Shandong University of China. In 2017, he was exchanged with scholarships to the University of Aberdeen for a one-year-research on international commercial law. He has also been awarded the Master of International Financial Law (LLM, 2020) with merit by the King’s College of London. 

Summary of the thesis

Lingyan XIA is focusing on the thesis titled ‘Can China’s Legal System Support a Robust VC Market’. By adopting comparative legal research and empirical research, the thesis will analyse the effectiveness of Chinese law on the VC industry and the potential improvements.