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Lizbeth Mendieta-Rodriguez

Research Postgraduate – Thermal Energy Node

Research Postgraduate – Thermal Energy Node in the Department of Engineering


Lizbeth is a PhD student in Hydrogen Production in the Department of Engineering. She completed her Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering from IPN (Mexico) in 2018, where her research focused on water remediation by adsorption using conductive polymers. Currently, Lizbeth is conducting research on photocatalytic hydrogen production using conductive polymer-based composites. 

Research Project

Lizbeth's project proposes a heterogeneous photocatalytic system for hydrogen production from wastewater with sunlight since wastewater as the source of hydrogen represents a sustainable option aiming to tackle efficiency and cost challenges. In addition, this project will address optimising the hydrogen produced among the different wastewater sources by defining the physical-chemical characteristics that make the effluent suitable for this purpose.