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Professor Ludmilla Jordanova

Interim Director

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Interim Director in the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture +44 (0) 191 33 41065
Member of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies  

Research interests

  • Cultural history of science and medicine post 1600
  • Visual culture
  • Portraiture 1500 onwards
  • The nature of historical practice, including ethics


Authored book

  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2012). The Look of the Past: Visual and Material Evidence in Historical Practice. Cambridge University Press.
  • Jordanova, L.J. (2000). Defining features: scientific and medical portraits 1660-2000. Reaktion Books.

Book review

  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2008). ‘Image Matters’. Historical Journal 51(03): 777-791.

Chapter in book

  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (Published). "Erkenne Dich selbst!". In Erkenne Dich Selbst! =. Nikolow, Sybilla Bönlau Verlag. 118-130.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2016). “Science, Memory and Relics in Britain”. In Savant Relics: Brains and Remains of Scientists. Beretta, Marco, Conforti, Maria & Mazzarello, Paolo Massachusetts: Science History Publications. 157-181.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2016). Approaching Visual Materials. In Research Methods for History. Faire, Lucy & Gunn, Simon Edinburgh University Press. 30-47.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2015). "Portraiture, Beauty, Pain". In The Recovery of Beauty: Arts, Culture, Medicine. Saunders, Corrine, Macnaughton, Jane & Fuller, David Palgrave Macmillan. 199-216.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2015). Photography and Greece - A Historian's Perspective. In Camera Graeca: Photographs, Narrative, Materialities. Carabott, Philip & Hamilakis, Yannis Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College, London. 361-366.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2014). Medicine and the Visual Arts. In Medicine, Health and the Arts. Bates, Victoria, Bleakley, Alan & Goodman, Sam Routledge. 41-63.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2012). ‘Approaching Visual Materials’. In Research Methods for History. Gunn, Simon & Faire, Lucy Edinburgh University Press. 30-47.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2011). ‘The Practice of Cultural History in Britain’, transcript Verlag, Bielefeld. In Cultural History in Europe. Institutions – Themes – Perspectives. Rogge, Jörg 63-78.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2010). ‘What’s in a Name? Portraits of the Inner World’. In Portraits: Patients and Psychiatrists. published by the artist, Gemma Anderson, to accompany her exhibition. 25-8.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2010). ‘Visualizing Identity’. In Identity. Walker, Giselle & Leedham-Green, Elisabeth Cambridge University Press. 127-156.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2010). ‘Is this a Portrait I see before me?’. In Beth Fisher: Grisaille Legacy. Royal Scottish Aacademy, Edinburgh. 11-19.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2010). ‘History, Photography and Skilled Handiwork’, in both English and Italian. In Artigiani. Published by the photographer, Francesco Filangeri, to accompany his exhibition. 9-19.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2008). ‘Picture-Talking: Portraiture and Conversation in Britain, 1800-1830’. In The Concept and Practice of Conversation in the Long Eighteenth Century, 1688-1848. Halsey, Katie & Slinn, Jane Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 151-169.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2007). ‘Marking Time’. In History, Commemoration, and National Preoccupation: Trafalgar 1805-2005. Hoock, Holger Oxford University Press for the British Academy. 7-17.

Edited book

  • Hulme, P. & Jordanova, L.J. (1990). The Enlightenment and its shadows. Routledge.

Journal Article

  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2014). Historical Vision in a Digital Age. Cultural and Social History volume 11(number 3): 343-348.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2011). ‘What’s in a Name? Historians and Theory’. The English Historical Review 126(523): 1456-1177.
  • Jordanova, Ludmilla (2010). ‘Keith Brown Memorial Lecture. Medical Portraiture: the Case of William Harvey’. Liverpool Medical Institution Transactions and Report 15-21.

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