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Luis Felipe Ceron Oliver

Research Postgraduate - Electrical Power Node

Research Postgraduate - Electrical Power Node in the Department of Engineering


Luis is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. He is graduated from BEng (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional of Mexico. Luis has experience in the telecommunication sector obtained by his role as an Integration Engineer in 2020. He has been awarded the CONACyT scholarship to carry out his investigation and pursue his Postgraduate studies.

The main objective of Luis´s research is to look into the accuracy of Current Transformers used for metering purposes. His investigation plans to address the challenges to metering Current Transformers brought by the development and implementation of Smart Grids. He is especially interested in the design of 3D models, simulation of electrical systems and programming.

Research Project

The implementation of smart grids makes it necessary to have reliable and efficient measuring devices. Current sensors used for metering purposes in the grid must be accurate enough to overcome new challenges that power networks face such as injection of DC, distortion of the current and the use of non-linear loads in the system. A Current Transformer (CT) is a transformer widely used to measure current in an electrical circuit. The aim of the research is to use a CT with an air gap in order to deliver an accurate output of the current consumed considering the problems mentioned before. The evaluation of the accuracy and influence of the air gap and the core material when DC and harmonics are present in the system is fundamental for the research. Additionally, methods to compensate for the error of the CT are considered.

Research interests

  • Current Transformers.
  • Smart grids.
  • Smart meters.