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Dr Mathilde Roger

Associate Professor (Teaching) & Digital Learning Coordinator

BSc, MRes, PhD, FHEA

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor (Teaching) & Digital Learning Coordinator in the Department of Biosciences2004/5 


Mathilde joined Durham University in 2014 as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant. In 2015, Mathilde started to teach while continuing her Postdoctoral Research. In 2018, she became a full-time Teaching Fellow. Since 2020, Mathilde became an Assistant Professor (Teaching) and she is also the Digital Learning Coordinator for the Department of Biosciences.

1.Research Background

Mathilde's background is in Animal Cellular Biology.

During her PhD in France, Mathilde gained expertise in stem cell therapy, nanoparticles, and cancer biology.

While working under Prof Stefan Przyborski as a PDRA and laboratory manager, Mathilde acquired a strong expertise in Tissue Engineering, especially in Skin Tissue Engineering.

2.Teaching Areas
  • Cell Biology
  • Stem cells Biology
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Immunology
  • Genetics
  • Development
  • Cell and Tissue Pathology
3.Scholarship Interests

Over the last few years, Mathilde has developed a special interest and expertise in digital technologies. She is interested to assess how digital platforms (Learn Ultra, Team, Sharepoint...) can successfully support effective and inclusive learning.

One example of this is her PeerScholar Scholarship project. This project focuses on peer assessment using an online tool that gives students freedom in space and time. 


4.Departmental responsibility-Digital Learning coordinator

As the Digital Learning Coordinator for the Department of Biosciences, Mathilde is promoting succesful remote teaching startegies within her Department that are inclusive and accessible.

Mathilde has led the transition to Learn ULTRA and Sharepoint in her department. In collaboration with the Biosciences L&T team, Mathilde is developing automatic processes for recurrent student queries to improve student support.

Esteem Indicators

  • 2021: Winner of Teaching & Learning Awards: Exceptional Contribution in an exceptional Year
  • 2018: Fellowship of HEA: