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Dr Michael Huxtable

Assistant Professor in Medieval Literature

Assistant Professor in Medieval Literature in the Department of English Studies
Tutor of St Chad's College


Mike Huxtable studied Philosophy and English at the University of York and has obtained Masters degrees in both subjects. He completed a doctorate in 2008 in Durham on the phenomenology of colour and its perception in medieval literature. Mike's research interests include medieval philosophy, theology and the history of ideas; the semiology of medieval art and culture (in particular heraldry), and the influence of visuality on literary creativity.

Recent publications:

Huxtable, Michael J. ‘The Relationship of Light and Colour in Medieval Thought and Imagination’, in On Light, ed. K. P. Clarke and Sarah Baccianti, Medium Ævum Monographs (Oxford: S.S.M.L.L., 2014) 25-44.

The Dimensions of Colour: Robert Grosseteste's De colore: Edition, Translation and Interdisciplinary Analysis, ed. and essays by Greti Dinkova-Braun, Giles E. M. Gasper, Michael J. Huxtable, Tom C. B. McLeish, Cecilia Panti, and Hannah Smithson, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies-Durham Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Texts (Toronto: PIMS, 2013).

Huxtable, Michael J., ‘Aspects of Armorial Colour and its Perception in Medieval Writing’, New Directions in Colour Studies, ed. Carole Biggam, Carole Hough, and Christine Kay (Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2011), 191-202.

Huxtable, Michael J., 'The Medieval Gaze at Grips with a Medieval World,' Progress in Colour Studies Vol.I., ed. C. P. Biggam and C. Kay (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2006) 193-214.


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