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Mohammad Hedayati-Kakhki

Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor in the Durham Law School
Visiting Professor in the Durham Law School


Mohammad Hedayati Kakhki completed his PhD at Durham University in 2008, and has been teaching at the Law School for over a decade. He is a qualified Attorney-at-Law and is registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK.

Over the years Mohammad has gained extensive teaching experience as a lecturer and module leader in several universities; he has also acted as an external examiner on a range of postgraduate programmes relating to Islamic law and energy law and practice.

Mohammad participated as a committee member of the Centre for Iranian Studies (Durham School of Government and International Affairs), and was the co-founder of, as well as a special advisor on Islamic jurisprudence to, the previous Islam Law and Modernity research group at Durham University. Mohammad has also acted as a special advisor on Islamic law to the Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, and was appointed an honorary fellow of Durham Law School.

He has participated in numerous conferences, seminars and training events relevant to his research areas. He provided a series of guest lectures on the constitutional and legal ramifications of the Arab Spring, with a particular focus on the events in Egypt, at Durham University. Mohammad is currently a member of the editorial board and a peer reviewer for the Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law & Practice (MJTILP).

Outside his academic work, Mohammad has developed a thriving independent legal consultancy based in the UK with clients from around the world (USA, UAE, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc), using his more than 20 years’ experience as an Attorney to provide legal expertise to clients across a wide range of civil, criminal and human rights cases.

He is frequently instructed by various NGOs and government bodies to provide commentaries on the applicable Country of Origin Information Report, as well as to act as an expert on Islamic and Iranian legal issues in courts and tribunals in the UK and abroad.

Research Groups

Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice (CCLCJ).

Islam, law and modernity (ILM).

Teaching Areas

Islamic law

Law of Oil and Gas Contracts

Comparative Criminal Law

Human Rights Law

Research interests

  • Energy Law
  • Energy Security and Geopolitics
  • Human Rights and Asylum Law
  • Islamic Criminal Law
  • Islamic Finance


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