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Dr Mahdi Amanipour

Assistant Professor (Research)

Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Engineering


Dr. Mahdi Amanipour - Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr. Mahdi Amanipour - Assistant Professor (Research)

Dr. Mahdi Amanipour is an Assistant Professor (Research) at Durham University. With a PhD degree in Chemical and Process engineering, and more than 12 years of both research and industrial experience, his research focus falls into the fields of Energy and Environment, Carbon Capture, and green Hydrogen production/purification by applying electrolyzers and  using composite membrane modules. His research mostly targets cost-effective and reliable ways to produce hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy carrier. This has the potential to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen and bring us closer to a future with zero-emission fuels. 

As a senior researcher at Durham University, he is taking part in a new project which aims to growing Teeside's Hydrogen economy and catalysing a just transition to net zero, which is funded by the Research England Development (RED) Fund.