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Dr Marcela Andrea Cazzoli

Associate Professor (Teaching) / Director of UG Education

BA (Buenos Aires); MA, PhD (Dunelm); SFHEA; CL

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor (Teaching) / Director of UG Education in the School of Modern Languages and CulturesA19, Elvet Riverside+44 (0) 191 33 43453

Research interests

  • Modern Languages Education, Hispanic Linguistics and Sociolinguistics. Language Contact. Heritage and Second Language Acquisition. First Language Attrition.

Research groups

  • Translation/Linguistics/Pedagogy

Media Contacts

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  • International: Language, literature, culture: Spanish language and linguistics, Argentina, language contact, Spanish and English as a foreign language, Spanish in the USA, Welsh in Argentina, Routes into Languages, Routes into Spanish, Outreach work
  • Europe: Language, literature & culture:
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Chapter in book

  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M. & Young-Scholten, M. (2011). Yo gusto: Expanding choice or syntactic attrition? In Bilingual youth: Spanish in English-speaking societies. Potowski, K. & Rothman, J. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M., Guijarro-Fuentes, P. & Young-Scholten, M. (2010). Beyond Attrition: What we need to Consider in the Study of New Spanish Varieties. In New directions in language acquisition: Romance languages in the generative perspective. Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro & Domínguez, Laura Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 453-478.
  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A. Masullo, P. & Young-Scholten, M. (2004). Second Language Acquisition of non-nominative subjects in Spanish. In Durham Working Papers in Linguistics. Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A., Mukai, M. & Van Espen, L. Durham: Department of Linguistics, University of Durham. 10.

Conference Paper

  • Cazzoli, M.A. (2018), Transnational Linguistic Awareness in Modern Languages, Our Uncommon Ground: Modern Languages and Cultures for the 21st Century. Durham University.
  • Cazzoli, M. A. (2017), When the vulnerable language acquires prestige abroad: Immigrant Welsh in Argentina, Seventh Cambridge Conference on Language Endangerment. Cambridge University.
  • Cazzoli, Marcela A. (2016), Transnationality in the Teaching of Modern Languages (or why the standard variety is never enough), Languages and Cultures in 21st Century Transnationality Conference. Sheffiedl Hallam University.
  • Cazzoli, Marcela A. (2016), Transnationality in the Teaching of Modern Languages, Transnationalizing Modern Languages. The Italian Cultural Institute, London.
  • Cazzoli, Marcela A. (2015), (Socio)linguistic Awareness in Secondary Education, Languages: Pathways to the World. Durham University, School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
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  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M., Young-Scholten, M. & Guijarro-Fuentes, P. (2008), Investigating UK Spanish variety: implications for heritage speaker acquisition, Romance Turn 3. University of Southampton, University of Southampton.
  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A. Rothman, J. & Young-Scholten, M. (2008), Perspectives on Spanglish in mind, space and time, 31st GLOW Colloquium, Generative Linguistics in the Old World. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK., Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A. & Young-Scholten, M. (2007), The optionality of non-nominative subjects in a Spanish-English contact context, AAAL, American Association for Applied Linguistics 2007. Costa Mesa, California, USA., Costa Mesa CA.
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  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A. (2007), Second language acquisition of non-nominative subjects in Spanish, IV Congreso de Gramática Generativa. Mendoza, Argentina., Mendoza.
  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A. (2005), The methodological challenge of elusive structures: Non-nominative subjects in adult L1 & L2 Spanish, European Second Language Association 2005 Conference. Dubrovnik, Croatia, Dubrovnik.

Journal Article

  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A. (2008). Second Language Acquisition of Non-Nominative Subjects in Spanish. RAL, Revista Argentina de Lingüística 17.


  • Beaney, R. Burdett, C. Cazzoli, M., Critchley, M. Deacon, A. Gorrara, C. Kohl, K. Langford, R. Miranda-Barreiro, D. Stewart, E. & Whitfield, J. (2020). (Re)creating modern languages: conversations about the curriculum in UK higher education. Creative Multilingualism.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Cazzoli, M. & Wren-Owens, L. (2021). Transnationalising the Word: The Present and Future of Education in Modern Languages.

Other (Print)

  • Cazzoli-Goeta, M.A., Rothman, J. & Young-Scholten, M. (2008). Cross-disciplinary investigation of heritage language variation. GLOW Newsletter 60.

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