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Dr Markian Prokopovych

Associate Professor (Modern European Cultural History)

Habil., FRHistS

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor (Modern European Cultural History) in the Department of History +44 (0) 191 33 41075
Associate Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Study  


Markian Prokopovych specialises in the history of Eastern and Central Europe in the long nineteenth century and works on urban cultures, architecture, museums, music, migration and the press. He is the author of Habsburg Lemberg: Architecture, Public Space and Politics in the Galician Capital, 1772-1914 (2008), In the Public Eye: The Budapest Opera House, the Audience and the Press, 1884-1918 (2014) and a co-author of Liberalism, Nationalism and Design Reform in the Habsburg Empire: Museums of Design, Industry and the Applied Arts (2020) and The Museum Age in Austria-Hungary: Art and Empire in the Long Nineteenth Century (2021). He has had fellowships, lectureships and guest professorships in Oxford, Berlin, Frankfurt an der Oder, Budapest, Florence, Vienna and Birmingham. He has a working knowledge of most of the languages in the region of Eastern and Central Europe. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and organises the annual conferences of the Urban History Group.

Research interests

  • The Habsburg Empire
  • Ukraine
  • Eastern and Central Europe
  • Cultural history
  • Urban history

Research groups

Media Contacts

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  • Modern History: Europe:
  • Politicial, cultural, social history:
  • Art:
  • Museums:
  • Music:
  • Visual culture:


Authored book

Book review

  • Prokopovych, Markian (2017). The Ukrainian West: Culture and the Fate of the Empire in Soviet Lviv by William Jay Risch. Harvard Ukrainian Studies 34(1/4): 532-536.
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2014). I. Lihaciu: Czernowitz 1848–1918. H-Soz-Kult
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2013). S. Zimmermann: Divide, Provide and Rule. H-Soz-Kult
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2011). Troubled Times: Writing Fin-de-siècle Petersburg. H-Urban
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2003). Review of Balus, Wojciech, Krakau zwischen Traditionen und Wegen in die Moderne: Zur Geschichte der Architektur und der Öffentlichen Grünanlagen im 19. Jahrhundert. HABSBURG

Chapter in book

Edited book

Edited Journal

  • Prokopovych, Markian (2016). Special Issue: Cities and Overseas Migration in the Long Nineteenth Century. Journal of Migration History, 2 (2): Brill.
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2013). Thematic Block: East European Cities. Urban History, 40 (1): Cambridge University Press.
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2013). Special issue: Music and the City. Urban History, 40 (4): Cambridge University Press.
  • Prokopovych, Markian, Janowski, Maciej, Iordachi, Constantin & Trencsenyi, Balázs. (2006). Special Issue on Urban History of East Central Europe. East Central Europe, 33 (1-2): Brill.

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Prokopovych, Markian & Sweet, Rosemary H. (2017). Metropolen der Literatur und Kunst.
  • Prokopovych, Markian & Sweet, Rosemary H. (2015). Literary and Artistic Metropolises.
  • Prokopovych, Markian (2008). Kopiec Unii Lubelskiej: Imperial Politics and National Celebration in Habsburg Lemberg.