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Markus Husner

Research Postgraduate - Advanced Materials and Electronic Devices Node

Research Postgraduate - Advanced Materials and Electronic Devices Node in the Department of Engineering


I completed my Bachelor and Master degree in Physics at Teschnische Universität Chemnitz in Germany. In each thesis I worked on novel solar cell technologies, first on perovskite solar cells and then on organic solar cells. Using drift-diffuision simulations to understand charge carrier extraction during my master thesis reinforced my interest in using numerical methods to understand and explain experiments. Spending a semester abroad at Luleå Tekniska Universitet in Sweden introduced me to the concept of machine learning and different approaches to sustainability.

  • 2019 - 2022 Master of Science Physics
    • TU Chemnitz Germany

    • Thesis: "Numerical simulations of organic solar cells"

    • Prof Dr. Carsten Deibel, Dr. Roderick MacKenzie

  • 2021 ERASMUS Semester LTU
    • Lulea tekniska universitet, Lulea, Sweden

    • Sustainable energy systems

    • Neural networks and learning machines

  • 2016 - 2019 Bachelor of Science Physics
    • TU Chemnitz, Germany

    • Thesis: "Photolumineszenz-Quantenausbeute in hybriden Perowskiten"

    • Prof. Dr. Carsten Deibel

Research Project

The project "Mathematical models of solar cells" in the framework of the "Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (EPSRC CDT)" aims to accelerate the development of low cost and environmentally friendly solar cells which require far less energy input to manufacture than current state-of-the-art panels. The project will combine mathematical modelling and statistics to pick out the best device structures and recommend design improvements to device engineers. We will first develop theoretical models, testing them virtually, then apply these models to real world data. The overall aim of this project will be to assist in driving down the cost of renewable energy with the aim of making low cost energy available to all, especially in the developing world.