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Michael Kohn


2P in the Department of Mathematical Sciences


I am a PhD student in Pure Mathematics, supervised by Dirk Schütz and Andrew Lobb.

I am reading about Khovanov homology, a categorification of the Jones polynomial used to study knots. I am also interested in broader aspects of knot theory and topology, as well as applications and computational aspects of topology.

Previously, I completed a BSc in Mathematics at Imperial College London, writing a thesis on spin geometry, and a MASt in Pure Mathematics at Cambridge University.

Personal website, with more information on my work and wider experiences, to follow in summer 2023


Dirk Schuetz (1st) & Andrew Lobb (2nd)

Research interests

  • Khovanov Homology
  • Knot Theory
  • Algebraic Topology
  • Computational aspects of the above