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Professor Patrick Dorey

Professor, Mathematical & Theoretical Particle Physics

Professor, Mathematical & Theoretical Particle Physics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences+44 (0) 191 33 43070

Research interests

  • conformal and integrable field theories

Esteem Indicators

  • 2000: Membership of Professional Body: 'Fellow of the Institute of Physics'
  • 2000: National and International Collaboration: Current/recent collaborations (ie, within the 2001-present period) with R.Tateo (Torino, Italy), C.Dunning (Kent), J.L.Miramontes (USC, Spain), J.Suzuki (Shizuoka U., Japan), C.Rim (Chonbuk National U., Korea), D.Fioravanti (Bologna, Italy), Tomasz Romanczukiewicz (Krakow, Poland), Yasha Shnir (Dubna, Russia)
  • 2000: Editorial Duties: Member of the editorial boards of Journal of Physics A, Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), and Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment (JSTAT)
  • 2000: Committee Duties: Member of the EPSRC peer-review college
  • 2000: 'Network': North British Mathematical Physics Seminar, 3 one-day meetings annually between Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, York and Durham Universities, funded by an LMS Scheme 3 grant. EUCLID RTN (FP5) European network, grant RTN2-2001-00393, four years from October 2002. I am the Scientist-in charge for the Durham node of this network, which is coordinated by Ed Corrigan in York. Also involved in the ABC-KLM meetings, an EPSRC-funded UK network (but this most probably has just one more meeting to run).


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