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Professor Rob Ferguson


MA, PhD (Cantab.)

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Professor in the Department of Geography  
Emeritus Professor , Catchments and Rivers  


Professor of Physical Geography 2004 - 2009, now retired with Emeritus Professor status.

Previously a student at Cambridge (BA 1968, PhD 1972) then a Lecturer / Professor in Hull (1971 - 1977), Stirling (1977 - 1989), and Sheffield (1989 - 2004).

Research Interests

I'm a mathematically-minded physical geographer known mainly for work on river channel form and process, though I've also published on meltwater hydrology and the estimation of river loads. Much of my research has combined theoretically-informed analysis of field measurements with modelling of one kind or another (conceptual, mathematical, or numerical) at a range of scales. I'm still research active to some extent, most recently as regards flow resistance and bedrock river processes, but as an Emeritus Professor I am not able to offer PhD or postdoc positions.

For an up-to-date list of journal papers click on the Researcher ID button above. For a full publication list, including some highly-cited book chapters, type 'Rob Ferguson' into Google Scholar. Most of my publications are freely available through the relevant journal website, but if not you can email me to ask for a pdf for personal use.


Chapter in book

  • Ferguson, R (2013). Reach-scale flow resistance. In Treatise on Geomorphology. Shroder J F (Editor-in-chief) & Wohl, E (Volume Editor) Academic Press. 9: Fluvial Geomorphology: 50-68.
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Edited book

  • Bates, P.D., Lane, S.N. & Ferguson, R.I. (2005). Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications in Environmental Hydraulics. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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