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Professor in the Department of Physics43719 / 44819


I am a member of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation which develops advanced instrumentation for large ground- and space-based telescopes, with spinoffs into imaging for the life sciences, fusion diagnostics and remote sensing. I am also a member of the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy. My technical interests are in astronomical instrumentationfusion diagnostics and hyperspectral remote sensing. On the observational astronomy side I work on extragalactic globular cluster systems as probes of galaxy formation theories and on the evolution of galaxies in clusters and the field. I am the Principal Investigator for KMOS, a £15M multi-object, near-infrared, integral field spectrometer constructed for the 8.2m ESO Very Large Telescope in Chile, and for SALT-HRS, a high-resolution echelle spectrograph for the 11m diameter South African Large Telescope. 

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  • astronomical instrumentation
  • fusion diagnostics
  • observational cosmology
  • remote sensing


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