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Dr Ran Zhang

Research Associate

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Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology331 


My Study

My study is concerned with how Chinese traded ceramics impacted of maritime trade in the western Indian Ocean from the 9th to the 16th century. Based on an archaeological report collecting data from 140 ceramic kiln sites in China and on archaeological-ceramic material collected from 125 coastal sites and collections in the western Indian Ocean, this study has reviewed the archaeological and chronological development of Chinese traded ceramics. A classification of Chinese traded ceramics in the western Indian Ocean has been built, introduced with a review of the long-term history and researched using quantitative methods.


A classification study: The Chinese traded ceramics in the Indian Ocean, 9th to 16th centuries

Research Group

A research member of the China’s national project of traded China’s ceramics, the Palace Museum and Zhejaing Provincial Museum, 2011

Other qualifications

The certificate of Professional Auction of Cultural Relics: China’s Ceramics, 2011

Research groups

Research Projects

  • Ceramics

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Chapter in book

  • Zhang, Ran (2022). The Glazed Pottery: Asian and Islamic Imports. In Archaeological Investigations of the Maldives in the Medieval Islamic Period: Ibn Battuta’s Island. Haour, Anne & Christie, Annalisa London: Routledge.
  • Lin, Meicun & Zhang, Ran (2021). Ancient Maritime Trade Between China and the Islamic World. In The World of the Silk Road. Liu, Xinru & Brancaccio, Pia Routledge.
  • Zhang,Ran (2021). Longquan Celadon Distributed in the Western Indian Ocean [西印度洋地区发现的龙泉窑青瓷]. In Globalisation of Longquan [天下龙泉]. Zhejiang Provincial Museum Zhejiang Provincial Museum Press.
  • Lin, Meicun & Zhang, Ran (2018). The Silk Road: Intercontinental Trade and the Tang Empire. In China: Visions through the Ages. Niziolek, Lisa, Bekken, A. Deborah & Feinman, M. Gary Chicago University Press. 257-275.
  • Zhang, Ran (2014). Two Stages of Chinese Ceramic Technology Transfer to Europe [欧 洲仿制中国瓷器的两个阶段]. In Proceedings of Ancient Chinese Ceramic Technology and Transfer to the World [中国古代瓷器生产技术对外传播研究论文集]. Shen, Qionghua Zhejiang Renmin Meishu Chubanshe. 283-297.
  • Zhang, Ran (2013). On the Peak of Chinese Ceramic Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 9th Century [in Chinese]. In Proceedings of the Research of Ancient Chinese Ceramics. Zhongguo Gutaoci Xuehui 18: 409-422.
  • Zhang, Ran (2012). proposal to create a databased and standardised classification system for Chinese trade ceramics to allow enhanced analysis and the comparison of assemblages [关于建立外销瓷记录法与其数据库分析应用的初步构想和内容]. In Proceedings of the Research of Ancient Chinese Ceramics [中国古陶瓷研究]. The Palace Museum Press. 17: 335-351.
  • Kennet, Derek Zhang, Ran & Priestman, Seth (2011). Longquan ceramic of archaeological excavation in Near East – introduction of Longquan celadon about the Williamson Collection and the Siraf material [in Chinese]. In The Research of Longquan kiln. Institute of Chinese Ceramics Forbidden City Press. 447-57.

Conference Paper

  • Zhang, Ran (2017), Communications of Ancient China to the West from an Archaeological Perspective, in Andersen, L. E., Ehteshami, A., Sunuodula, M. & Jiang, Y. eds, 'One Belt, One Road' and China's Westward Pivot: Past, Present and Future Danish Institute for International Studies, 62-68.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Zhang, Ran (2016). An Exploratory Quantitative Archaeological Analysis and the Classification of Chinese Ceramics Trade in the Western Indian Ocean, AD c. 800- 1500. PhD.

Journal Article

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