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Ranime Djouider

Pgr Combined Role

LLB (Hons) LLM (Dunelm)

Pgr Combined Role in the Durham Law School


Ranime is a PhD candidate at Durham University. She obtained her Law degree (LLB) from the University of Kent and came to Durham in 2020 to undertake a Master’s degree (LLM) in International Law and Governance, where she was awarded the Prize for highest LLM performance. Previously, Ranime has worked as a Legal Research Assistant for the CEDAW People’s Tribunal and the Oxford Human Rights Hub. She acts as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Law and Global Justice. Ranime is also the recipient of the Durham Doctoral Scholarship and the Modern Law Review Scholarship (2023-24), where she was awarded the Simon Roberts Award.

Alongside her research, Ranime is currently a Part-Time Tutor and has taught core and optional modules in both Law department (EU Constitutional Law, Law and Literature) and in the School of Government and International Affairs (International Organisations). 

Current Research

Supervised by Dr Anashri Pillay and Dr Henry Jones, Ranime’s doctoral research takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine the role of international human rights law in response to ethnocultural dynamics resulting from border configurations in post-colonial Africa. Specifically, her research uses Ghana and Nigeria as case studies to both investigate the intra-state ethnocultural consequences of uti possidetis and also to examine to what extent international human rights law can mitigate such problems.

Research Groups

Centre for Law and Global Justice (LGJD)

The Human Rights and Public Law Centre (HRPLC)


Journal Papers:

Djouider, Ranime (2023), Africa's Frozen Frontiers: Uti Possidetis and the Negotiation of Cultural Heritage and Identity, Birkeck Law Review (Accepted)

Conference Paper

Djouider, Ranime (2023), Alternative Narrative Visions of International Law: Uti Possidetis Through Literature's Lens, American Society of International Law Midyear Meeting. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh 

Djouider, Ranime (2023), The (Legalised) Violence of Borders: The Paradox of International Law and Uti Possidetis in Post-Colonial Africa, Critical Legal Conference. Durham Law School, Durham 

Djouider, Ranime (2023) Narratives in International Law: Uti Possidetis and Literature, SOAS Law PhD Colloquium. SOAS University, London 

Djouider, Ranime (2020), Amnesty Laws: A Route to Reconciliation or Amnesia? Kent Critical Law Conference. University of Kent, Canterbury 

Other (Digital/Visual Media): 

Djouider, Ranime (2021), Transitional Justice in the Middle East: Re-thinking Transitional Justice and Human Rights in Algeria. Durham Pro Bono Blog 

Djouider, Ranime (2021), Transitional Justice in the Middle East: Tunisian Truth Commission and the Reconstruction of Victimhood. Durham Pro Bono Blog 

Djouider, Ranime (2021), Transitional Justice in the Middle East: Egypt and the (Limited) Role of Tranisitional Justice. Durham Pro Bono Blog 

Djouider, Ranime (2017), Tunisia's Revolutionary Steps: New Law Protecting Women Against Violence. Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog 


Research interests

  • Borders and Territory
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Public International Law
  • Anthropological Approaches to International Law
  • Third World Approaches to International Law
  • Law and Literature