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Dr Rebecca Senior

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the Department of Biosciences


I am a conservation scientist with a passion for using quantitative tools and technology to understand the drivers of biodiversity loss, and to identify pragmatic solutions to mitigate that loss. Now is a pivotal time in human history. Species extinction rates are orders of magnitude above ‘normal’ background rates, driven by humanity’s insatiable appetite for resources. The magnitude of the problem has never been greater, but neither has our ability to tackle it. With better technology, we generate more and better data. With collaboration and ground-truthing, we generate a better understanding of how ecosystems respond to anthropogenic change – the good and the bad – and with that, we can discover what works in conservation. My research to date has explored everything from microclimates in tropical rainforests, to the role of plumage colour in driving the wild bird trade. What brings it all together is a desire to make conservation more efficient, using the plethora of tools and technology that are now available to us.


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