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Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Geography+44 (0) 191 33 41832



My research develops ‘Trans Ecologies’ as a significant contribution to theorising the intersection of environmental geographies with social difference, asking how queer-trans readings of bodily plasticity, indeterminacy, and change can help to address the uncertainties and instabilities of accelerated planetary change. Specifically, it revolves around the proposition that conditions of ecological interdependence and mutual susceptibility might be understood not as passive states but as productive relational forces, reorienting how we think about questions of justice in relation to a range of vulnerabilities: environmental, climatic, ecological, political, social, ontological, and methodological. For example, when vulnerabilities arising from the Covid-19 pandemic elicit new modes of relation to gender and subjectivity, or - in more general terms - where a capacity for interpersonal vulnerability facilitates transformative communication and understanding across social difference. 

I have an affinity for watery and fluid landscapes, and my doctoral research explored problems of identity and ecology in the Huleh wetlands, in northern Israel-Palestine. My British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship brings an ecological perspective to studying everyday practices of gender under the pandemic conditions of Covid-19, asking how they reflect bigger social questions about the ‘nature’ of identity and subjectivity. It uses creative and collaborative methods, working with a small group of trans and nonbinary people to develop a graphic narrative output.

This research builds on substantial artist-practitioner experience in socially and politically engaged art practice, and informs extensive pedagogical experience delivering original materials for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Photograph of a sketchbook and pencil on the windowsill of a bird hide in the Agamon Nature Park, Huleh Valley, israel-Palestine


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