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Professor Santiago Fouz Hernández


BA Santiago de Compostela; MA, PhD Newcastle upon Tyne

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Professor in the School of Modern Languages and CulturesA11, Elvet Riverside I+44 (0) 191 33 43455
Member of the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture  


Most recently I have been working on two books on Spanish filmmaker Bigas Luna: a monograph under contract with Manchester University Press, and an edited collection entitled El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna published in 2020 (Tirant lo Blanch, 348 pp.). These books are part of a larger project on Spanish erotic cinema which includes the edited book Spanish Erotic Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 264pp), published in 2017 (HB) and 2018 (PB), and a special issue of Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas 13.1 (2016, 113 pp.). 

Once this project is completed, I will start a new project on male bodies in crisis in collaboration with Prof. Alfredo Martínez Expósito (University of Melbourne), with special emphasis on representations of male ageing in Spanish cinema.

My main area of study to date has been masculinities and male bodies in contemporary film and popular culture. My work in that field produced the books Cuerpos de cine: masculinidades carnales en el cine y la cultura popular contemporáneos (Bellaterra, 2013, 380 pp) - single authored - and Live Flesh: The Male Body in Contemporary Spanish Cinema - co-authored (I B Tauris, 2007, 288 pp); as well as two edited volumes: the book Mysterious Skin: Male Bodies in Contemporary Cinema (I B Tauris, 2009, 271 pp) and a special issue of the journal Studies in Hispanic Cinemas (3.3; 2007). The second, revised edition of Cuerpos de cine is in preparation.

Research Impact
My research on Bigas Luna has led to a series of international events, The Bigas Luna Tribute, that I organise in collaboration with the filmmaker’s daughter, art curator Betty Bigas, since 2015.

The events have included over 80 film screenings, 2 art exhibitions and other events in collaboration with film theatres and festivals in seven different countries and 14 cities around the world, most recently Madrid (2021) and New York (2022), attracting considerable audiences and media coverage.

For more information please visit the project website. I have talked about this project and my research for international media outlets including national newspapers of Spain, El País (2017), Australia, The Age - and across Fairfax network (2018), Costa Rica, La nación (2018), The Festival Insider FRED podcast (2018), New Books Network (2021) and on national Spanish television, RTVE2  (Historia de nuestro cine, May 2021), and Mexican television TV UNAM (Tiempo de Filmoteca - December 2021). I have also contributed to the research stage of the programme Terres de cinema on Bigas Luna’s film Huevos de oro for À Punt Media Valencia (broadcast in August 2021). I coordinate a Bigas Luna podcast that can be accessed here.

Other work in my field of study.
I am an editorial board member of the journal Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas and advisory board member for the International Journal of Iberian Studies

Since 2020 I co-host Pleibéricos with my colleague Dr Esther Gimeno Ugalde (Universtiy of Vienna), a series of online presentations of new books in the area of Iberian Studies in conversation with the authors/editors. By the end of the second year online, Pleibericos will have launched over 80 books either as individual videos or as part of one of 13 live events, including events on Spanish cinema, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque and Galician Studies, LGBTQ+ Studies and special events with publishers and journals in the field and about PhD projects nearing completion. We collaborate with New Books Network in Español where we publish longer versions of some of the book launches uploaded to our YouTube and podcast channels. 

Other affiliations/visiting positions
I am honorary fellow of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Study (MIAS) and I have been visiting scholar at the universities of California Berkeley (USA) and Pittsburgh (USA) in 2015, Harvard (USA) in 2012, CUNY Graduate Center (USA) in 2010, and Queensland (Australia) in 2005 and 2002. I am the Durham contact for the Durham-University of California Berkeley Postgraduate exchange.

British Film Institute
I co-lead the Durham-BFI partnership and co-supervise a PhD in collaboration with the BFI. 

Research supervision
I am currently co-supervising PhDs on the queer films of Xavier Dolan and, in collaboration with the British Film Institute, a thesis on LGBTQ+ film festivals. I have supervised PhDs on Humour in Spanish Cinema (2021), Queer Spanish Cinema (2013) and co-supervised a PhD on Italian Horror Cinema (2014).

I am willing to supervise PhD thesis and Masters by Research on topics related to Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Contemporary Spanish Popular Culture, with a special focus on issues of gender, sexuality, the body and national identities.

I am currently Year Abroad Officer for the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. My previous administrative roles and responsibilities for the School have included: Director of Education (2018-20), Director of Postgraduate Education (2013-2016), Deputy Director of Research (Impact and Engagement), Alumni Officer and Admissions Officer. For Hispanic Studies: Year Abroad coordinator, Erasmus coordinator and Exams coordinator.

Other external appointments
I also served at the University Quality and Standards Subcommittee in representation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (2015-2018) and as team leader of the quality assurance review of the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics (Spanish section) at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus in 2014. Most recently I have served as external examiner for Spanish programmes at the universities of Cambridge and (currently) Kent.

My teaching portfolio includes the following undergraduate modules:
- VISU2021. The Art of the Moving Image II. Theories and Contexts (Level II, BA in Visual Arts and Film).
- SPAN3381. Spanish Cinema. From the 1940s until Now. (Level III Modern Languages and Cultures).
MELA3001 & MELA3012. Dissertation / Extended Dissertation in Modern Languages. (Level III). 

I also contribute to the MA in Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Teaching Awards
- Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award (Durham Univeristy, 2013)
- Dean's List (Effective Lecturing) (University of Queensland, Australia, 2002)

Honorary Vice-Consul of Spain in the North East of England
I am honorary vice-consul of Spain in Newcastle, with responsibility for Tyne and Wear, Cleveland, Durham, Redcar, Hartlepool, Darlington, Stockton on Tees, Northumberland and Cumbria. Please direct all consular queries to and I will respond within 48 hours.

All consular appointments are also booked via that email address (not my Durham one). Thank you.

The Bigas Luna Tribute
Historia de nuestro cine - Bigas Luna (Spanish TV, TVE2).

Book launch:
El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna

YouTube, Instagram TVPodcast, Instituto Cervantes Bigas Luna Cultural Week, New Books Network. The book is available for purchase here.

Research interests

  • Erotic cinema
  • haptic visuality
  • Contemporary European Cinema (Spanish and British)
  • Gender, sexuality and the body
  • Popular music

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Europe: Language, literature & culture: Spanish popular music
  • Europe: Language, literature & culture: Issues of gender and sexuality in contemporary Spain
  • Europe: Language, literature & culture: Contemporary Spanish cinema


Authored book

Book review

  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2021). BOOK REVIEW Aguado, Txetxu. Sexualidades disidentes: un acercamiento fílmico desde la prostitución y la pornografía. Madrid: Dykinson, 2019. 320pp. ISBN 978-84-1324-162-3. Revista de AlcesXXI Journal of Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film
  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2021). BOOK REVIEW Hartson, Mary T (2017) Casting Masculinity in Spanish Film. Negotiating Identity in a Consumer Age (Lanham, Boulder, New York, London: Lexington Books), ISBN 9781498537117 (Hardback, $95), 978-1-4985-3712-4 (eBook, $90). Journal of Spanish and Latin American Cinemas
  • Fouz-Hernández, Santiago (2020). Book Review: Spanish Lessons: Cinema and Television in Contemporary Spain by Paul Julian Smith. New York/Oxford: Berghahn Books. 2017. vi + 176 pp.; 9 illustrations. Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies
  • Fouz-Hernández, Santiago (2017). Book Review: Immigration Cinema in the New Europe, Isolina Ballesteros (2015) Bristol and Chicago: Intellect. International Journal of Iberian Studies 30(1): 65-67.
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  • Fouz-Hernández, Santiago (2010). Hermaphroditism, Medical Science and Sexual Identity in Spain, 1850-1960, Richard Cleminson and Francisco Vázquez García (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2009). International Journal of Iberian Studies 23(3): 207-209.

Chapter in book

Conference Paper

  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago & Gimeno Ugalde, Esther (University Vienna) (for Part 1 of the talk) (2021), Uso de herramientas online y redes sociales para diseminar investigación y estrategias de impacto social en las Artes y Humanidades: los casos de Pelibéricos y The Bigas Luna Tribute MIAS, Madrid Institute for Advanced Study Seminar Series 2021, Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, MIAS Seminar Series 2021. Casa de Velázquez, Madrid, Spain.
  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2021), Introductory talk for exhibition opening ‘La libertad de los símbolos’ (20 January 2021) and book launch/talk El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna (21 January 2021), Ámbito Cultural El Corte Inglés, Valencia, Spain (part of ‘El año de Bigas Luna’), El año de Bigas Luna. Valencia, Spain.
  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2020), 'Homoerotic Desire in Contemporary Spanish Cinema: from Pedro Almodóvar to Ventura Pons', invited talk at the Instituto Cervantes Manchester (virtual event), Instituto Cervantes Manchester. online.
  • Fouz-Hernández, Santiago, Alfredo Martínez Expósito & Santiago Garrido Rua (2020), Round table 'Descubriendo a Bigas Luna', Instituto Cervantes Sydney (Virtual event) - with Alfredo Martinez Exposito and Santiago Garrido Rua, Descubriendo a Bigas Luna. Instituto Cervantes Sydney (online).
  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2020), Virtual Book Launch, El legado cinematográfico de Bigas Luna, Tirant lo Blanch publishers, Book Launch.
  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2020), ´Operación mariconez: queer-escuchando a Mecano 30 años después´, conference paper (Iberian 20th and 21st Century Peninsular panel “Popular Music and Society in Spain”), MLA Annual Conference Seattle, January 2020, Seattle, USA.
  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2019), ´The Erotic Films of Bigas Luna´, invited talk at the University of Stirling Arts and Humanities Research Seminar Series, 13 November 2019, Stirling, United Kingdom.
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Edited book

Edited Journal

  • Fouz-Hernández, Santiago (2015). Special Issue Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas: Bigas Luna. Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas, 13 (1).
  • Fouz-Hernández, Santiago (2007). Male Bodies in Contemporary Spanish Cinema. Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, 3 (3).

Journal Article

Other (Print)

  • Fouz Hernández, Santiago (2017). "Cuerpos, masculinidades y cine", MICGenero Film Festival Catalogue 2017. 158-177.

Supervision students