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Dr Se-shauna Wheatle

Associate Professor

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Associate Professor in the Durham Law SchoolPCL234 


Se-shauna Wheatle joined Durham Law School in 2013, and teaches Comparative Constitutional Law and UK Constitutional Law. She was previously Lecturer in Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford, where she taught Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. She achieved her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of the West Indies before attending the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar to read for the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and Doctor of Philosophy in Law (DPhil).

Se-shauna's monograph, Principled Reasoning in Human Rights Adjudication, was shortlisted for the Society of Legal Scholars Birks Prize 2018. Her current research interests lie in comparative constitutionalism, comparative human rights, common law constitutionalism and implied constitutional principles. Her work has been published in journals such as Public Law, McGill Law Journal, the Journal of Comparative Law and the European Human Rights Law Review. She is also co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Caribbean Constitutions.


Research interests

  • Rule of Law
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • UK Constitutional Law
  • Common Law Constitutionalism
  • Constitutional Principles
  • Commonwealth Caribbean Human Rights

Research groups

  • Human Rights Centre

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Human rights:


Authored book

  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2017). Principled Reasoning in Human Rights Adjudication. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Book review

  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2015). Final Judgment: The Last Law Lords and the Supreme Court. Public Law 489-492.

Chapter in book

Edited book

  • Albert, Richard, O'Brien, Derek & Wheatle, Se-shauna (2020). The Oxford Handbook of Caribbean Constitutions. Oxford Handbooks. Oxford University Press.

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Masterman, Roger & Wheatle, Se-shauna (2019). Miller/Cherry and Constitutional Principle. UK Constitutional Law Blog.
  • Masterman, Roger & Wheatle, Se-shauna (2016). Courts vs Parliament? A Response to Ekins and Forsyth.
  • Se-shauna Wheatle (2015). Engagement and 'New Imperialism'. Inherently Human
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna & Masterman, Roger (2015). The ‘Constitutional Aspect’ in Evans v Attorney General.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2015). Opinion 2/13 and its UK Human Rights Effects.
  • Se-shauna Wheatle (2013). Maurice Tomlinson v Television Jamaica Ltd: Horizontal Rights Application in Jamaica. UK Constitutional Law Blog
  • Se-shauna Wheatle (2013). Criminalising Cross-Dressing in Guyana: Quincy McEwan et al vs. Attorney General of Guyana. Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2012). The Residual Powers of the Court. UK Constitutional Law Blog
  • Derek O'Brien & Se-shauna Wheatle (2011). The Commonwealth Caribbean and the Uses and Abuses of Comparative Constitutional Law. UK Constitutional Law Blog


  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2021), Plenary Lecture: Creolizing Constitutional Law: Lessons from the Caribbean Court of Justice, The Global Summit.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2020), The Structure of Common Law Constitutionalism, Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Conference.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2019), The Rule of Law in the Caribbean Court of Justice, Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers Conference. Belize.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2016), A Cosmopolitan Common Law Constitution, ICON-S Public Law Conference. New York, USA.
  • Wheatle. Se-shauna (2016), Unity, Disunity and Vacuity: Constitutional Adjudication and the Common Law, Cambridge Public Law Conference. Cambridge, England.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2015), Principled Reasoning in Human Rights Cases, Younger Comparativists' Conference. Florida, USA.
  • Wheatle, Seshauna (2014), ‘Constitutional Principles: Expression of the Ius Gentium?’, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law Conference. Cambridge, England, Cambridge.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2013), Violence Against LGBT Persons in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers Conference. Barbados.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2013), Constitutional Reform and the Courts, Constitutional Reform and the Commonwealth Caribbean. London, England, London.
  • Wheatle, Se-shauna (2011), Reflections on the Rule of Law and Substantive Equality, International Graduate Legal Research Conference. London, England, London.


  • Se-shauna Wheatle (2013). Adjudication in Homicide Cases involving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Persons in the Commonwealth Caribbean. Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies.

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