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Dr Stuart James

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science


Assistant Professor in Visual Computing at Durham University. Stuart's research focus is on Visual Reasoning to understand the layout of visual content from Iconography (e.g. Sketches) to 3D Scene understanding and their implications on methods of interaction. He is currently a co-I on the RePAIR EU FET, DCitizens EU Twinning, and BoSS EU Lighthouse. He was a co-I on the MEMEX RIA EU H2020 project coordinated at IIT for increasing social inclusion with Cultural Heritage. Stuart has previously held Researcher & PostDoc positions at IIT as well as PostDocs at University College London (UCL), and the University of Surrey. Also, at the University of Surrey, Stuart was awarded his PhD in visual information retrieval for sketches. Stuart holds an External Scientist at IIT, Honorary roles at UCL and UCL Digital Humanities, and is an international collaborator of ITI/LARSyS. He also regularly organises Vision for Art (VISART) workshops and Humanities-orientated tutorials and was Program Chair at the British Machine Conference (BMVC) 2021.

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