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Sunil Chhita

1H Course Director, Associate Professor, Probability

PhD Brown University

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
1H Course Director, Associate Professor, Probability in the Department of Mathematical SciencesCM313+44 (0) 191 33 43086


Research Summary

I am interested in probability theory and statistical mechanics, in particular the dimer model. More recently, I have been studying the so-called liquid-gas transition which naturally appears for domino tilings of the two-periodic Aztec diamond.

Research interests

  • Statistical mechanics and probability

Research groups

  • Probability & Statistics: Probability
  • Probability and Statistics


Journal Article

  • Adler, Mark, Chhita, Sunil, Johansson, Kurt & van Moerbeke, Pierre (2015). Tacnode GUE-minor processes and double Aztec Diamonds. Probability Theory and Related Fields 162(1): 275-325.
  • Chhita, Sunil, Ferrari, Patrik L. & Spohn, Herbert (2018). Limit distributions for KPZ growth models with spatially homogeneous random initial conditions. The Annals of Applied Probability 28(3): 1573-1603.
  • Beffara, Vincent, Chhita, Sunil & Johansson, Kurt (2018). Airy Point Process at the liquid-gas boundary. Annals of Probability 46(5): 2973-3013.
  • Chhita, Sunil & Toninelli, Fabio Lucio (2019). A (2 + 1)-dimensional anisotropic KPZ growth model with a smooth phase. Communications in Mathematical Physics 367(2): 483-516.
  • Chhita, Sunil (2012). The Height Fluctuations of an Off-Critical Dimer Model on the Square Grid. Journal of Statistical Physics 148(1): 67-88.
  • Chhita, Sunil & Johansson, Kurt (2016). Domino statistics of the two-periodic Aztec diamond. Advances in Mathematics 294: 37-149.
  • Chhita, Sunil, Ferrari, Patrik & Toninelli, Fabio (2019). Speed and fluctuations for some driven dimer models. Annales de l’institute Henri Poincaré D 6(4): 489-532.
  • Chhita, Sunil, Johansson, Kurt & Young, Benjamin (2015). Asymptotic domino statistics in the Aztec diamond. The Annals of Applied Probability 25(3): 1232-1278.