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Professor in the Department of Physics+44 (0) 191 33 43767


Responsibilities within department

Current: Director of Education;

Previous: Health & Safety committee; Teaching Review committee; Admissions selector; L4 course director; General Problems paper committee chair; Assessment & Feedback Committee; Physics in Society module leader

Teaching activity

Current: L4 Radiative Processes in Astrophysics lecture course; L4 project supervisor.

Previous: L1 Phases of Matter lecture course; L1 Astrobiology lecture course; L1 Thermodynamics lecture course; L1 tutor; L2 tutor; L2 labs; L2 Physics in Society tutor; L3 General Problems class organiser; L3 Planetary Systems lecturer; L4 project moderator; Postgrad lectures on Black Holes.

Research interests

  • Ultraluminous X-ray sources
  • The X-ray emission of nearby normal galaxies
  • Starburst galaxies
  • Low-luminosity active galactic nuclei


Journal Article