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Honorary Fellow in the Department of Anthropology  


My interests lie in the phenomenological, epistemic and sociopolitical character of extreme experiences, and how these are made sense of across different 'consciousness cultures'. Currently, I am writing a monograph tracing the renewed scientific and therapeutic interest in psychedelic experiences in the global North, exploring implications for thoeries of psychopathology and approaches to mental health care. Weaving together scientific, medical, spiritual and aesthetic registers, this research is situated in the context of medicalisation and the ongoing 'war on drugs'.

I have trained and taught in a range of disciplines including anthropology, psychology, sociology, socio-legal studies, epidemiology and science and technology studies, and have collaborated with anthropologists, human geographers, sociologists, psychopharmacologists, mental health service users and survivors, Mad Pride organisations and healthcare professionals. These experiences inform my interest in the epistemological, methodological and ethical challenges that arise in attempts to conduct meaningful interdisciplinary and participatory research.

I am a member of Hearing the Voice, a Wellcome Trust-funded project based in Durham University's Institute for Medical Humanities.


Book review

  • Noorani, Tehseen (2020). 'Collaborative and Indigenous Mental Health Therapy: Tātaihono – Stories of Māori Healing and Psychiatry': Book Review. The Polyphony
  • Noorani, Tehseen & Langlitz, Nicolas (2016). An Anthropologist in Psychedelia: Interview with Nicolas Langlitz. The OPEN Foundation

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Edited book

  • Brigstocke, Julian & Noorani, Tehseen (2016). Listening With Non-human Others. ARN Press.
  • Noorani, Tehseen, Blencowe, Claire & Brigstocke, Julian (2013). Problems of Participation: Reflections on democracy, authority, and the struggle for common life. ARN Press.

Journal Article


  • Noorani, T & Brigstocke, J (2018). More-Than-Human Participatory Research. University of Bristol and the AHRC Connected Communities Programme.

Newspaper/Magazine Article

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Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Steinhardt, Joanna & Noorani, Tehseen (2020). The Psychedelic Revival. Cultural Anthropology Hot Spots Fieldsites.
  • Noorani, Tehseen (2017). Psychedelic Pedagogy (radio interview). Radio.


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