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Professor in the Department of Physicsocw207+44 (0) 191 33 43795
Member of the Institute for Computational CosmologyOCW207+44 (0) 191 33 43795


Authored book

  • Theuns, T. (1991). Hydrodynamics of encounters between star clusters and molecular clouds.

Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

  • Crittenden, R.G., Natarajan, P., Pen, U. & Theuns, T. (2002). Intrinsic Galaxy Shapes and Their Correlations. The Shapes of Galaxies and their Dark Halos.
  • Efstathiou, G., Schaye, J. & Theuns, T. (2000). Ly absorption systems and the intergalactic medium. Astronomy, physics and chemistry of H^+_3.
  • Schaye, J., Theuns, T., Rauch, M., Efstathiou, G. & Sargent, W.L.W. (2000). Constraining Reionization Using the Thermal History of the Baryons. Cosmic Evolution and Galaxy Formation: Structure, Interactions, and Feedback.
  • Schaye, J. & et al. (2000). Measuring the temperature of the intergalactic medium. Building Galaxies; from the Primordial Universe to the Present.
  • Theuns, T. & Schaye, J. (2000). Measuring Cosmological Parameters from the Ly$\alpha$ Forest. Clustering at High Redshift.
  • Theuns, T. & Catelan, P. (1997). Angular Momentum Induced by Tidal Torques. Dark and Visible Matter in Galaxies and Cosmological Implications.
  • Theuns, T. & Warren, S.J. (1997). Intergalactic Stars in the Fornax Galaxy Cluster. Dark and Visible Matter in Galaxies and Cosmological Implications.
  • Catelan, P. & Theuns, T. (1996). Evolution of the Angular Momentum of Protogalaxies from Tidal Torques. Mapping, Measuring, and Modelling the Universe.
  • Theuns, T. (1995). Energy diffusion in King models. Astronomische Gesellschaft Abstract Series.
  • Theuns, T. (1993). Can One Study Dissipational Galaxy Formation Numerically Yet?. European Southern Observatory Conference and Workshop Proceedings.
  • Theuns, T. (1993). Numerical simulations of galaxy formation in an expanding universe. Astronomische Gesellschaft Abstract Series.

Journal Article

Other (Print)

  • Fossati, Matteo, Arrigoni Battaia, Fabrizio, Bielby, Rich, D'Odorico, Valentina, Dayal, Pratika, Estrada-Carpenter, Vicente, Fumagalli, Michele, Lofthouse, Emma, Lusso, Elisabeta, Morris, Simon L., Papovich, Casey, Peroux, Celine, Pirzkal, Norbert, Prichard, Laura, Rafelski, Marc, Revalski, Mitchell & Theuns, Tom (2019). Paths to quiescence: gaseous feeding, morphology and star-formation histories of galaxies from the HST+MUSE Ultra Deep Field. HST Proposal 15968.


  • Theuns, T. & Warren, S.J. (1996). Intergalactic Stars in the Fornax Cluster.

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