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Veronica Fernandes De Almeida Giao De Freitas

Member of the Department of Archaeology


Academic Biography

In 2017, I completed Durham University’s BA (Hons) in Classical Past, with a First Class Award and a Maltby Exhibition Prize for my dissertation. I then undertook a MA in International Cultural Heritage Management, also at Durham University, which I was awarded with distinction.

Research Topic

Heritage disengaged from life: the case of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s historic cemeteries.


My PhD thesis will investigate why three listed Victorian cemeteries in Newcastle-upon-Tyne are currently disengaged from the lives of their local communities and how these cemeteries can become of use and relevant to their communities again. By conducting a consultation of relevant stakeholders and a comparative analysis of other cemeteries, this research shall investigate how these heritage assets can once more contribute to societal and individual well-being, while in return having communities committed to and engaging in ensuring their long-term conservation.


2017- Postgraduate Student Support Scholarship- £3000

2017- UNESCO AWARD- £500