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Vicky Miles

Research Postgraduate - Computational Mechanics Node

Research Postgraduate - Computational Mechanics Node in the Department of Engineering


I am a PhD student in the engineering department, having started in 2020 after completing a MEng degree in electronic engineering. My research focuses on artificial intelligence, specifically in relation to the manufacturing industry.

Research Project

In recent years the manufacturing industry has been dramatically changing due to the widespread application of artificial intelligence techniques. Automated tools which can understand and interface with CAD models are of significant research interest due to the potential for improving efficiency in the design process, and so the manufacturing process as a whole.

This project involves the development of systems using recursive neural networks to automatically analyse STEP files (a standardised CAD model file format). Currently models are being trained to recognise specific features present in CAD models, with a longer-term goal of assessing general similarity of more complex models. This will lead to the development of tools to aid in 3D design, with a focus on aiding in standardisation of parts for manufacturing companies.