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Dr Vladimir Brljak

Associate Professor

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Associate Professor in the Department of English StudiesRoom A62b, Elvet Riverside 
Member of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies  


I joined the Department in 2018, having previously studied at the Universities of Zagreb (BA) and Warwick (PhD), and held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cambridge (Thole Research Fellow, Trinity Hall).


I work mainly on English literary and intellectual history, 1500-1700, with wider interests in the long history of poetics and hermeneutics, and the literary and cultural history of space and space exploration. I have published in leading journals in the field; held visiting fellowships at the Bodleian Library, Huntington Library, and the Warburg Institute (forthcoming, 2022-23); and given invited talks at Zagreb, Cambridge, Stanford, Warwick, Birmingham, NYU, and York.

Topics of particular interest include:

Allegory. My doctoral work was on on allegory in English literature and literary theory of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and I am now completing a monograph consolidating my research in this field. I also continue to be involved in projects exploring wider perspectives on the subject, most recently in editing Allegory Studies: Contemporary Perspectives (Routledge, 2022), a volume collecting new work on the subject across a range of disciplines and specializations in the humanities and cognitive sciences.

History of Literary Criticism. Another long-term project is a new account of English literary criticism of the earlier seventeenth century. This is a lost age in the history of the subject, typically presented as a dormant interlude between a waning Renaissance and a dawning Restoration, rather than a productive epoch in its own right. Based on ongoing archival research, the project recovers this lost age and reassesses its contribution to literary and intellectual history.

Poetics before Modernity. Relating to this interest is Poetics before Modernity (2016-), a project aimed at rethinking the history of literary criticism in the West and its neighbouring traditions from Greco-Roman antiquity to the Enlightenment, which I convene with Dr Micha Lazarus (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and an international team of colleagues working across the premodern period. The project organizes events in the field and publishes Sources in Early Poetics (Brill, 2021-), the first edition and translation series devoted to primary sources in premodern literary thought. Other publications emerging from the project include two collections co-edited with Dr Lazarus: 'Artes poeticae': Formations and Transformations, 1500-1650, a special issue of Classical Receptions Journal (2021), and Poetics before Modernity: Literary Theory in the West from Antiquity to 1700 (OUP, forthcoming).

Milton. Another long-term interest is the work of John Milton. Much of my current Miltonist research revolves around the idea of Paradise Lost as a work of seventeenth-century 'science fiction', an interest which also informs the special topic module 'Paradise Lost' as Science Fiction (ENGL3731). My article 'The Satanic "or": Milton and Protestant Anti-Allegorism' was awarded the Review of English Studies Essay Prize (2015), and was included in the journal's virtual issue celebrating the 350th anniversary of the first publication of Paradise Lost (1667).

When did space turn dark? A new project, which I will be developing as a Frances A. Yates Long-Term Fellow at the Warburg Institute in 2022/23, explores the shift in the Western cosmological imagination from a bright to a dark universe.

PhD Supervision

I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in the following aspects of English literary and intellectual history, c.1500-1700: allegory and related topics; history of literary criticism; the work of John Milton; topical and satirical elements in the popular drama.

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Edited Journal

  • Brljak, Vladimir & Lazarus, Micha (2021). Artes poeticae: Formations and Transformations, 1500-1650. Classical Receptions Journal, 13 (1): Oxford University Press.

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Brljak, Vladimir (2018). Personification and Allegory: Selves and Signs.


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