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Dr William Craige

Director of Undergraduate Studies- Assistant Professor (Teaching)

Director of Undergraduate Studies- Assistant Professor (Teaching) in the Department of Sociology


Originally joining the Department of Sociology as an undergraduate student in 2006, I had the fortune of studying at Durham for almost a decade before my appointment as Assistant Professor (Education) in 2015.

Broadly speaking, my academic background is in science and technology studies (STS) and the sociology of knowledge. I am particularly interested in how science, method and practices of knowing are implicated in the (re)production of social systems and structures, with particular emphasis on social scientific knowledge. This is underpinned by a particular sympathy towards Actor-Network Theory and the ideas that have been developed from it, which constituted the foundations of my PhD research. Beyond this, however, I have wide-ranging interests in various topics of sociological importance, including social stratification, identity, health, education and social inequalities.

Central to my role is teaching research methods and design. I convene the research strand of our undergraduate degree programmes, including our introductory level 1 Social Research Methods module; our advanced level 2 Research Methods in Action module; and also our final-year Dissertation module. My teaching covers all aspects of social research, including general issues in research design, quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis, as well as issues in the philosophy of social science. I also help convene the Combined Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Dissertation module and, in the past, have taught advanced methods of quantitative analysis at postgraduate level.

At present, I also act in the role of Director of Education, leading on educational issues related to our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In this and my previous role of Director of Undergraduate Sturdies, I have worked with colleagues to develop a programme of curriculum development and to introduce a new system of peer mentoring, as well as providing general support and guidance to students on our programmes.

Academic Interests
  • Science, technology and society
  • Practices of knowledge production
  • Method, methodology and the philosophy of social science
  • Learning and teaching in higher education
  • Social stratification and social inequalities
  • Health and wellbeing


(Convenor - UG2) Research Methods in Action (2015-present)

(Convenor - UG1) Social Research Methods (2016-present)

(Convenor - UG3) Sociology/Criminology Dissertation (2016-present)

(Co-Convenor - UG3) Combined Social Sciences Dissertation (2019-present)


(Convenor - PGT) Quantitative Research Methods (2018)



- Boliver, V., Crawford, C., Powell, M. & Craige, W. (2017). Admissions in Context: The use of contextual information by leading universities. London, Sutton Trust.

Conference Papers

- Craige, W. (2015) “Performing Complexity and Diversity: A Pinboard Approach”, presented at the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Prague, 27th August 2015

- Craige, W. (2012) “Designing Healthcare: Early Telemedicine and the US Healthcare System”, presented at the EASST/4S Joint Conference, Copenhagen, 19th October 2012