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Wilhelm Klingenberg

Associate Professor, Geometry

PhD Purdue University

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor, Geometry in the Department of Mathematical SciencesMCS3067+44 (0) 191 33 43069
Member of the Centre for Communications Systems  

Research interests

  • Complex and Symplectic Differential Geometry
  • Mathematical Optics
  • Geometric Analysis

Research groups

  • Pure Mathematics: Geometry

Esteem Indicators


Chapter in book

  • Guilfoyle, Brendan & Klingenberg, Wilhelm (2008). A neutral Kähler surface with applications in geometric optics. In Recent Developments in Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry. Alekseevsky, Dmitri V. & Baum, Helga Zürich: European Mathematical Society. 149-178.

Conference Paper

  • Diatta, A., Giblin, P., Guilfoyle, B. & Klingenberg, W. (2005), Level sets of functions and symmetry sets of surface sections, in Martin, R. R., Bez, H. E. & Sabin, M. A. eds, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3604: Mathematics of Surfaces XI: 11th IMA international conference. Loughborough, Springer, 147-160.
  • Klingenberg, W. (1997), Stability of the Bishop family of Holomorphic Discs, in Budzynski, Robert eds, Banach Center publications, Volume 39 Banach Center Symposium on Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics in spring 1995. Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw, 73-76.

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