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Yuting Guo

Research Student

Research Student in the School of Education


Yuting is a postgraduate research student in the School of Education. She is supervised by Associate Prof Laura Mazzoli Smith and Associate Prof Xiaofei Qi. Her research focuses on the early childhood teachers’ occupational well-being in China. Back to her undergraduate study, she majored in Preschool Education at Chengdu University. Then, she came to University College London, majoring in education.

With these experiences in education field, her PhD research aims to interrogate the relationship between professional learning community (PLC) practices and preschool teacher’s occupational well-being in China, and how different patterns and processes of PLCs impact on their well-being. She thinks, on the one hand, there is a need to recognise the dynamic interdependence of individual well-being as well as the entanglement of their experiences of the inner, subjective worlds and of the outer, material, objective world. On the other hand, she hopes through optimising PLC integrated with the characteristics such as teacher’s personal growth, cooperation with others and support from communities, etc, teachers well-being can be promoted.

Research interests

  • continuing professional development and lifelong learning
  • professional learning community
  • teacher's well-being