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LGBTQ+ Narratives Session Information

This is a bespoke session planned with you to meet your curriculum enrichment needs. We will explore what the word queer means today and the hidden stories of LGBTQ+ people who's hidden narratives can be found in our collections.

Our aim is to explore the museum collections through a queer perspective, spanning the diverse collections of the museum. We strive to work with the LGBTQ+ community, schools and colleagues to further our own learning and development in this area.

This session can be taught: 


Visit to the Museum

  • Introductory Talk - Explore what 'queerness' means through discussion and sharing with the group. This provides opportunity for the children to debate the meaning and come together with a shared understanding of queerness and the issues faced by LGBTQ+ people today around the world.
  • Gallery Explore - Looking at objects within the displays with queer hidden histories. Please note, we do not aim to 'out' individuals with this session, we explore those who pushed their contemporary cultural norms to live their authentic selves. 

Online Session

  • Introductory Talk - Looking at 'queerness' today and through the experiences of those who lived before, explore the clues within our collection to discover the LGBTQ+ individuals living all over the world throughout human history. 
  • Question and Answer - We ensure to give space for discussion and curiosity in this online session.


  • We recommend it is best served to be used for Key Stage 4 and Post-16 groups. However, we are open to discussion of you wish to develop this session for younger groups or the specific needs.
  • We need plenty of advanced notice for this session to ensure we can plan in the research time required to ensure we have the collections to match your learning requirements. 
  • We look forward to working with you and your group to look at how we can openly and collaboratively learn together, queering our collections is an ever evolving process and we are constantly learning. 

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