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Our Centres and Institutes on sustainability

Below some examples of our collaborative work through our Institutes and Centres that contributes to environmental and societal changes.

Centre for Sustainable Development Law and Policy

The CSDLP aims at advancing sustainable development through research across intersecting thematic areas.
Virtual globe with flags and background map

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Our IHRR supports innovative research and training for use in policy and practice, collaborating directly with communities, Non-governmental organisations and governments
Close up of window damaged by earthquake

Human Rights and Public Law Centre

The Human Rights and Public Law Centre helps to bring about real legal and public policy change in the UK and beyond.
A bronze statue of a blindfolded woman holding a set of scales.

Durham Energy Institute

Our Durham Energy Institute delivers understanding, leadership and solutions for energy decarbonisation and the transition to net-zero.
A wind farm

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

The WRIHW is our flagship Institute. We foster research relating to human health & wellbeing in developed and developing countries from the individual to global scale.
A digital human showing areas of pain in orange.

Global Policy Institute

Our network of researchers, practitioners, policymakers provides leadership in the field of global challenges & multilateral & transborder governance arrangements
Digital image of a globe and network

Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage

The CECH focuses upon ethical debates surrounding cultural heritage, in particular relation with indigenous people.
Person dressed in decorative mask and costume

Centre for Social Justice and Community Action

Aim is to promote & develop research, teaching, public/community engagement & staff development around the broad theme of social justice in local & international settings
Abstract group of people

Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences

CELLS supports excellence in academic research, innovative teaching and public dialogue on the ethical, social and regulatory issues raised by the life sciences
Hands holding a globe with a bird, and a tree

El Shaarani Centre for Ethical Finance, Accountability and Governance

EFAG promotes intelligent debate and understanding of ethical finance, faith-based finance, socially responsible investment, governance and accountability.
Skyscrapers against a blue sky with clouds

Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics

We work on a range of prominent environmental & energy problems. issues are associated with failure/absence of proper markets requiring corrective public policy actions
Solar Panel

Catalysis and Sustainable Chemical Processes

Our group's goal is to deliver innovative, environmentally friendly and green methods of chemicals synthesis. We develop unique solutions that have industrial impact.
Chemistry equipment - glass vials and tubes