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Student-led Societies

Below are some of the University's student-led societies on sustainability issues. Our students are also involved in sustainability activities through their college communities.

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Enactus Durham

Find out more about Enactus Durham, a non-profit, student-led organisation operating within Durham University.
Enactus Durham team


Find out more about Akwannya, a sustainable period product project based in Ghana created by Durham University students.
Akwannya Logo

Agricultural Society

Find out more about the Durham University Agricultural Society, for people who are interested in agriculture, the countryside and rural affairs.
Agricultural Society Logo

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Society

Find out more about the Durham University Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Society, which aims to promote more sustainable fashion practices in Durham.
A blank clothing label and a green leaf atop a piece of woven fabric

Environmental Law & Climate Futures Society

Explore the Environmental Law & Climate Futures Society, which provides a platform for debate and discussion about political and legal responses to climate change.
A small green plant growing in arid conditions

Sustainable Finance Society

Find out more about the Durham University Sustainable Finance Society, which brings together students passionate about sustainable development.
Durham University Sustainable Finance Society Logo


Find out more about ADHShe, which aims to increase awareness about how ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) presents in women.

Durham Climate Society

Find out more about the Durham University Climate Society, which is dedicated to driving change through sustainable information and action.
Durham University Climate Society Logo

Global Health Durham

Find out more about Global Health Durham, a student group focusing on all issues surrounding global health.
A globe surrounded by a stethoscope