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Graduation Robes

Graduands must wear graduation robes (gown and hood for the award) at Congregation and these must be hired for the ceremony from our offical supplier Gray & Son Robemakers and be returned on the same day.

How to order your robes

The online order form will be available once registration opens and MUST be ordered by 22 JUNE 2022.

Gray and Son Robemakers (Durham) Ltd

4 Neville Street, Durham, DH1 4EY

Tel: +44 [0] 191 386 4168


Robe regulation and design

Graduands attending Congregation must wear the correct robe (gown and hood) appropriate to the programme of study in accordance with University Regulations. Details on the colour and design of academic dress is described in the University Calendar. Please note artificial fur is used on all hoods. Mortar boards are not part of Durham University's academic dress although some will be available for use at the photography studios.

What to wear

Graduands are recommended to wear smart clothing beneath robes, either skirts or trousers are acceptable. Clothing with buttons down the front, such as blouses and shirts, are highly recommended to secure the hood which drapes over the shoulders. Graduands are advised to wear appropriate footwear to process across cobblestones and walk up and down 2 steps at the stage during the ceremony and are advised to dress warmly as they will be outside at certain times of the day and it can be cold inside the Cathedral.


Graduands are advised not to bring large bags and keep personal belongings to a minimum which should be left with your guests prior to the ceremony.

Please do not bring any large handbags/rucksacks or luggage as they are not permitted into the Cathedral and cannot be left unattended. You may be subjected to a bag search on entry to the Cathedral. There will be a supervised baggage drop in PG28 on Palace Green for graduates and guests to use during the ceremony.

Purchase of robes

Graduands wishing to purchase robes are advised to contact Gray & Son Robemakers (Durham) Ltd.