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How to Register

Two graduands in robes outside Durham Cathedral

All students must complete the registration process for Congregation and confirm delivery for their degree certificate.

Registration will open on Wednesday 18 October 2023 and close on Wednesday 13 December 2023. All eligible students will receive an email before the opening date with full instructions.

Students must register in order to:

  • confirm contact details for delivery of their degree certificate. Students should think carefully about this address to ensure they will be living there when they are likely to receive the documents.
  • state whether or not they wish to attend the Congregation ceremony.
  • if attending the ceremony, request guest tickets, provide links to order robes and access further information regarding arrangements on the day.

Deferral to the next available Congregation is only possible in exceptional circumstances and each request will be considered on a case by case basis. Students should email the Ceremonies Unit to explain their case in detail. Exceptional circumstances do not include for example, work commitments, holidays or family events. Deferrals will be to the next set of ceremonies that have availability, this may not be Summer Congregation.

For further information on how we use the personal data collected as part of the registration process, please read our Privacy Notice.

To access the registration system between the above dates, students should log into Banner Self Service (via Single Sign On) then select Congregation and Parchment. Please ensure you complete ALL sections until you reach the final confirmation page.

Please note, you will need to set up Multi Factor Authentication to access Single Sign On. Read our instructions. Registration system is available in the Banner Self Service.

  • Students on Distance Learning and Global Learning Centre programmes need to click on the Student Record System tab to view Banner Self Service.
  • If you are currently studying on another programme Banner Self Service will access information relating to your current programme. To access the registration system for your previous award, log into Banner Self Service then click on ‘Your Other Banner Staff / Student Records’, and select Switch Your Banner ID. You will then need to set the Banner ID for the record you wish to access as your default, logout and then log back in.
  • If you cannot access Banner Self Service try following the Password Problems section on the Help screen or contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.
  • If CIS are unable to provide access, please email the Ceremonies Unit, between 18 October - 13 December 2023, and we can register on your behalf.

The Congregation and Parchment registration system enables students to:

  • confirm details for the delivery of their degree certificate
  • state whether or not they wish to attend the Congregation ceremony.
  • if attending the ceremony, request guest tickets, order robes and photographs
  • confirm the thesis title (Doctoral students only) which is printed on degree certificates.

Further guidance notes on completing the registration process will be published when registration is open.

You should register before your results are published. Students who fail to register by the deadline will graduate in absentia and will be unable to attend a future Congregation.

Students can return to the registration system to check or amend details at any time before the registration deadline. Any details previously input will be displayed, including the number of tickets allocated. Students are advised to only amend details they wish to change. After the registration deadline students should contact the Ceremonies Unit to amend registration details.

If you have any problems accessing the registration system contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance or the Ceremonies Unit.

Students are strongly advised not to make any non-refundable travel arrangements for themselves and their guests until they have registered to attend and requested their guest tickets.

Attendance Criteria

Results must be published by 13 December 2023. Postgraduate research students must submit the final electronic thesis by Friday 24 November 2023 for the results to be published by this deadline.

No degree or other qualification shall normally be conferred upon a student while he/she has a significant tuition fee debt owing to the University, in line with the University General Regulation IX B.

Only students awarded a Bachelor, Undergraduate Master, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Master or a Doctorate award are eligible to attend Congregation. Students awarded any other qualification e.g. Undergraduate Certificate, Undergraduate Diploma or Graduate Diploma, are not eligible to attend the ceremony.