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Global Durham

Students on a sunny day with Durham Cathedral in the distance

We value international collaboration as central to enhancing global knowledge and developing global citizenship. Our staff and students come from over 120 countries, creating an outward-looking, globally minded and inclusive University. 

29 per cent of our students are from outside the UK. We have seen an increase of 61 per cent in international student numbers in the last five years.

International collaboration is key to Durham’s excellence in teaching and research. We work collaboratively across departments, with external partners, networks and consortia globally to contribute positively to societal changes and further develop world-changing research.

University Strategy

What we are already doing well:

  • We have broadened the base of academics, partners, practitioners, alumni and benefactors who work with and in support of us and established a flourishing network of prestigious academic partner institutions. 
  • We have launched our first joint seedcorn competition with the University of Notre Dame, USA.
  • In Europe, our established partnerships with Uppsala and Tübingen Universities build on student opportunities, research collaborations and shared membership of the Matariki and Coimbra Group international networks. 
  • In Asia-Pacific, we are a member of RENKEI, a partnership encouraging academics at universities in Japan and the UK to collaborate on research in climate change and health, amongst other global challenges.  
  • We have firmly established our presence in London, Beijing and Shanghai and India. More recently, we have also established a presence in Singapore, Malaysia and the USA. 
  • We have launched the Durham Global Alliance, bringing together the University, Durham County Council, schools, further education providers and representative bodies from arts, culture, sports, charitable and voluntary sectors and industry.  

We will: 

  • Increase the international impact and reputation of our research by expanding and deepening our relationships with leading partner institutions and engaging with global networks. 
  • Become a leading university of choice for international students by developing our outstanding on-campus programme and developing new and innovative transnational educational offerings. 
  • Position Durham University as a globally-networked institution that is widely recognised as an outstanding place to study and work. 
  • Expand the range of global, unique and career-building opportunities for students and widen access to these regardless of background. 
  • Develop our global community of alumni through our global presence and by developing new engagement opportunities. 
  • Embed an ethos of global citizenship by ensuring that all students have an international experience during their time at Durham.