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A Sustainable Future

Hands holding compost

Our vision is to ensure that we deliver our mission of excellence in education, research and wider student experience in the most sustainable way possible. Alongside major investments in our built environment and our teaching and research activities, we have introduced strong environmental policies and procedures.  

We’re working to reduce our carbon emissions and to promote increased awareness of environmental issues. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and improving the local environment for our staff, students and wider community. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. We are aiming for Net Zero by 2035 – switching to renewable energy sources, minimising waste and promoting recycling, reuse and sustainable transport. We plan to achieve a net biodiversity gain by 2032.

University Strategy

What we are already doing well: 

  • We are working across faculties and with partners locally, nationally and globally to demonstrate our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Our newest buildings have been built to one of the highest BREEAM specifications for sustainability.  
  • We have introduced our Biodiversity Strategy as our commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving environment throughout the 251 hectares of our estate.  
  • Many of our students are actively involved in the Greenspace Movement to encourage collective, student and staff-led climate action. The Movement has been shortlisted twice as finalist for Green Gown Awards in the Student Engagement Category. 
  • Over 9.1 tonnes of items were donated to charities across the region following our annual Green Move Out scheme.   

We will: 

  • Embed sustainability at every level in the University, creating a culture where all staff and students can play their part in achieving the University’s vision. 
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to achieve Net Zero by 2035, or before.   
  • Support world-class and world-changing research that directly addresses issues of environmental sustainability, and to ensure that Sustainability is a golden thread that runs through the University Strategy.
  • As part of an investment strategy being developed, seek to build a state-of-the-art interdisciplinary Science research facility at our Upper Mountjoy site. 
  • Maintain momentum towards our agreed target for Net Biodiversity Gain by 2032.