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Hatfield College Mentoring System

What is the Mentoring System?

The Hatfield Mentoring System is an important part of College life that focuses on students’ personal development. All our students are assigned a Mentor when they join Hatfield. Your Mentor’s role is to help you achieve your best and to both enjoy and benefit from your time at university. All students take part in the Mentoring scheme during their first year and are able to opt in in subsequent years.

Who are the Hatfield Mentors?

The Mentors are members of the wider Hatfield community who volunteer to work with students on their personal development during their time at University. Some Mentors work at the University, either as academics or in other roles. Many mentors work in industry, the public sector, education or other fields, and several are themselves Hatfield graduates. What they do have in common is a wealth of experience and a commitment to helping you to strive to fulfil your potential.

What you can expect from your Mentor

  • Support in reflecting on and reviewing your personal development, personal skills and future employability
  • help in engaging with Durham Inspired and the Lions’ Network
  • help in identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • support in reflecting on and assessing your achievements
  • an interest in your wellbeing and to signpost you to support if there is a cause for concern
  • to help you think about employment options
  • your mentor will work in active partnership with you as an impartial guide.

Your Mentor can expect that you will

  • Promptly reply to emails and other forms of contact and invitations
  • attend meetings or events
  • maintain and develop your academic, personal and professional knowledge and skills
  • complete any relevant forms, audits and checks to build your profile.

As well as the more formal aspects of the role, mentors are able to give students advice on settling into the local area, ideas for days out in and around Durham, act as referees for jobs, volunteering and internships, and a whole host more. Do make the most of their expertise, experience and enthusiasm as it will help you get more out of your time at university.


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