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Hatfield College Levies 2021-22

Opt-in Charges 

Junior Common Room (JCR) Membership

£240 (one-off payment for the duration of the course).

Both Full and Part Bursaries include this item.  Eligible students should sign up for JCR membership, and the cost will be covered by the Hatfield Trust on their behalf.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the hub of undergraduate student life in the College and provides many opportunities and events to enrich your student experience at Durham. Paying the JCR levy transforms the College from being a place to live to being a vibrant community full of opportunity. The levy enables students to participate in a wide range of Hatfield sport, music, drama, volunteering, arts and much more. Membership also offers use of the College gyms (after gym induction), subsidised formal meals, and tickets to Hatfield JCR-run events from Hatfield Day to our annual College ball. This is a one-off payment for the duration of a student's period of study for their undergraduate course. You have the right to opt out of this charge if you do not wish to be a member of the JCR. Students who opt out are still able to use College facilities. However, non JCR members may be charged a higher price for JCR events and opportunities, they are ineligibile to join JCR Clubs and Societies and if they wish to use the gym there will be an annual subscription to pay.
Common Room Membership for ERASMUS/Year Abroad Students   Please see optional charges below


 Optional Levies


Induction Week wristband


Hatfield Freps (Freshers’ reps) have organised a varied programme of events to welcome new students to the College and to Durham. The cost of the wristband helps contribute to the cost of these events, which are subsidised by the JCR. Students not opting in for the Induction Week wristband should still attend College-led activities (labelled compulsory in the programme) but will not be able to participate in any JCR-organised activities.
Academic Gowns


All Hatfield students are expected to wear gowns for matriculation, for the College photograph, and for formal dinners.
Gym Membership

£40.00 pa

The College has 2 gyms – a weights’ room and a CV room. Gym users must complete an induction.  Gym membership is included in the JCR/MCR membership levy (see above).  For those who decide not to join the JCR or MCR, gym membership is available for £40 per annum.
Common Room Membership for ERASMUS / Year Abroad students  

(i)  Those studying undergraduate courses - membership of the JCR is £25 for each term of study.

(ii)  Those studying postgraduate courses - membership of the MCR is £15 for each term of study.

Hatfield Trust Parent & Family Fund Donation £20.00

Established in 1987, the Hatfield Trust exists to support Hatfield students in a variety of ways throughout their time at Hatfield. Relying on the generosity of contributions, the Trust works hard to enhance the Hatfield student experience by providing financial assistance in the form of awards, grants, scholarships and bursaries.

The Trust supports for following areas of College life:

  • Student Development - funding student activities such as internships, engagement in events, volunteering and individual training and development projects.
  • Development of College Facilities and Ground - assisting students in a wide range of extracurricular activities, and providing spaces and equipment for such activities.
  • Creating an Inclusive Community - enabling students from all backgrounds to engage in core Hatfield experiences as well as making a Harship Fund available to support students to overcome a difficult period, or when their circumstances change unexpectedly.

By supporting the Hatfield Trust via the Parent and Family Fund, you will be automatically inducted into the 1846 Club, our community of Hatfield supporters with exclusive access to College life

Hatfield Association £25.00

The Hatfield Association is a community of thousands of Hatfielders, past and present, whose job it is to support the connection and development of all members, both during their time in College and beyond graduation. One of the key benefits of the Association that you’ll enjoy as an undergraduate is the opportunity to connect with Hatfield alumni working in various fields via various events and initiatives, allowing you to seek career advice and make contacts. A one-off payment of £25 gives you lifetime membership of the Hatfield Association, ensuring you are connected from your very first day until well after graduation. As members of the Association say, ‘Once a Hatfielder, always a Hatfielder.

Linen Pack £35.00

If you are living in College accommodation, you may purchase a bedlinen pack. The pack comprises a duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case and a sheet.

Payment of Student Levies 2021-22

Please make your appropriate selections here (with payment if necessary).


Mature Undergraduates

Mature undergraduate students (that is, those aged 25 or more at the start of their studies) may join the Middle Common Room (MCR) if they wish, subject to paying the MCR Common Room fee. Undergraduates who join the MCR will not be eligible to apply for MCR Postgraduate Research Awards. To apply to join the MCR, please email the MCR Treasurer.


Fourth Year Undergraduates

Undergraduates in the fourth year of a four-year degree may join the MCR if they wish.  Undergraduates in the fourth year of a four-year degree who join the MCR will not be eligible to apply for MCR Postgraduate Research Awards.  To apply to join the MCR, please email the MCR Treasurer.


Financial Guidance

Coming to University requires careful financial planning. College bills are payable termly. There are various sources of funding available for students experiencing financial hardship. The Assistant Master has responsibility for advising students about these sources and supporting applicants for financial assistance.