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Advanced Rent Payment

Durham provides an offer of accommodation to all first year undergraduate applicants who wish to live in our colleges.

In order to accept and secure an accommodation offer, you must pay a portion of your accommodation charges in advance. A payment of £200 Advanced Rent is required to secure the offer of accommodation, and a deadline date will be given to you within your licence agreement.

The period of occupancy that is covered by the Advanced Rent payment is calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on the overall cost of your accommodation.

The Advanced Rent payment is offset from the first instalment of the overall accommodation charge. Making the Advanced Rent payment will mean that you agree to all terms and conditions within the licence agreement provided.

Advanced Rent is a non-refundable payment.  Advanced Rent is not a deposit payment. Please refer to our Advanced Rent Policy for further information.

Should you have any concerns regarding this then please do not hesitate to contact the Accommodation and Allocations Office at  We would be happy to advise further to support potential applicants coming to Durham. 

Please note: Accommodation charges and occupancy periods may vary at the two recognised colleges. These are St Chad's College and St John's College.