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Durham University is world-leading in academic fields, but we also pride ourselves on challenging you to participate above and beyond your academic commitments.

That’s why we’re running an engaging programme of events that you can attend during your time in Durham, at no cost. Our programme enables you to explore the core skills that define good leadership, and reflect on how you can put those skills to use yourself. Our innovative framework is designed to support you on your journey to becoming a responsible student leader.
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How can you get involved?

Self Learn

Icon of person with headset and laptopA bank on online resources introducing concepts of leadership on our SharePoint account.

Bite-size Introduction to concepts of leadership.
Self-directed learning.


Emerging Leadership Programme

Icon of two people with a leaderA comprehensive introduction to responsible and accountable value-based leadership.

Programme open to all students: A training day with NUOTC and workshops on leadership skills with industry experts.

Bespoke Programme: If you are a college and student group, we can facilitate tailored leadership training. Please contact us.

Leadership Academy

Academy IconThe highly competitive year-long programme is designed to help your personal, leadership and professional development.

Personalised mentoring from Durham alumni who are leaders in their field
Programme of workshops, talks and drop-in sessions
A two-day leadership training event.
Monthly Newsletter with signposting to internal and external leadership opportunities.

Find out more about our Leadership Academy.

University student
Highly competitive year-long programme designed to help your personal, leadership and professional development.

The Leadership Academy
Durham Leadership Framework

Discussion Forums and Mentors

Alongside our programmes, we host discussion forums fro students to engage and share leadership concepts.

Book Club

Sessions centred around books and podcasts, provide space for intellectual intellectual enquiry and continued leadership development.
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Think Tank

A space for student leaders and alumni that encourages a forum of debate on current issues, sharing views and insights.
Word debate on a green speech bubble

Lunch, Link and Learn

Sessions provide students with the opportunity to lead interactive sessions about their leadership journey and the topics closest to their heart.
Four students having lunch

The Leadership Academy

As a highly competitive year-long practical programme, the Leadership Academy strives to create the leaders of tomorrow.
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Our Speaker Series

We offer a diverse selection of courses from leaders of various industries and cultural establishments who are alumni or partners. These are delivered virtually as short presentations followed by interactive discussions and questions.

Key aims of the virtual series are to inspire Intellectual curiosity, enhance the way future leaders think and act – developing an accountable value mindset and develop key graduate skills to advance self-development/employability and innovation. The virtual series will be accessible to all (as sessions are recorded) at no charge, ensuring you are able to fit learning around your daily commitment, and manage your own learning and development.
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