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Applying for Accommodation - Undergraduates

2024 Entry

After you have received your preliminary college allocation, you will be contacted to apply for University accommodation. The invitation to apply will be sent from June time.

Steps to Take

  • Receive communication with a link to the Undergraduate College Accommodation Form
  • Complete all steps confirming Yes or No to whether you wish to receive an offer of University accommodation

All new first year undergraduates will be guaranteed an offer of accommodation from the University providing you submit the Accommodation Form by the deadline of Friday 12 July 2024.

It is important you submit the accommodation application as soon as possible and prior to the deadline.  

You will be given the option to actively decline the offer of accommodation from the University if you wish to live privately or at home instead for your studies. 

If you do not complete the Accommodation Form by the deadline we cannot guarantee availability from this point and you may not receive an offer of accommodation from the University. If you indicate you want to live in University accommodation after the deadline date you will be at risk of college reallocation.

We make every attempt for you to remain with your preliminary allocated college where possible, however this may not be possible in all cases. Further details regarding August Confirmation and college reallocations can be found here.

If you are confirmed in a college that is not your preliminary allocation, your offer of accommodation from the University will also change. 

You will receive an accommodation offer, known as a Licence Agreement. A deadline date will be provided to accept the offer. You must make a payment of Advanced Rent to secure the accommodation.