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Expressing a Preference – Undergraduates

One of the strengths of our colleges is the diversity of members.  In your college, you will meet students from other departments and faculties at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our allocation process is designed to ensure this, as well as taking into account the different sizes of the colleges.

We encourage every applicant to express a college preference, should you have one. Once you have received an academic offer from Durham you then have the opportunity to rank all 16 colleges in order of preference for consideration.

Your college preferences and college allocation have no reflection on your application to Durham; that decision is made by your academic department.

To help you to make a decision for which colleges you may wish to rank as your preferences you can use the information on college webpages or attend a Pre-Application Open Day. We encourage you to visit Durham City to look around if you have the opportunity. You can also talk to current or past students of the University - but be warned, you will probably find our students are very loyal to their membership at their college.

Students sitting in Kingsgate Bar