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The Allocation Process - Undergraduates

The allocation process will begin week commencing 02 May 2022 and all offer holders will be provisionally allocated to a college for membership.

Your college preferences are considered as part of the allocation process. We do our best to try and allocate you a place in your preferred college, although this cannot be guaranteed. Please note that we view college preferences for the college as a whole, and not for specific reasons such as facilities they offer or their location. For details on how we allocate students to colleges refer to our here.

Once you receive an offer to study at Durham, we will invite you to rank our colleges in order of your preference via the Undergraduate Applicant Portal. We encourage all offer holders to do this to increase your chances of being allocated to a preferred college.

The allocation process will not begin until the week commencing 02 May 2022 and if you already have an offer to study at Durham, you can alter your preferences up until this point.

If you receive an offer to study at Durham after the college allocation process has begun, you will have a maximum of 14 days from when your offer was made to submit your preference rankings via the Undergraduate Applicant Portal. As soon as you do this, the process will allocate you the next working day.

We encourage all applicants to research the colleges and to submit their ranked preferences. If you choose not to do this, we will take the preference you stated on your UCAS application into account when allocating membership.

three Students working together

The allocation process takes the following into account:

  • Your college preferences
  • The number of students from each department

These two factors are applied to each offer holder to finalise a college allocation. You can see more detail on how this works here.

This is a provisional allocation in the first instance. If you are successful and your place at Durham is confirmed then your final college allocation will also be confirmed shortly after. We will try to ensure that your confirmed college remains the same as the provisional college membership allocated earlier.

In order to ensure that all our applicants have the chance to benefit from living in college or college-managed accommodation, we do reserve the right to change your college allocation after the A-level results if needed; this is a rare occurrence.

If you have applied to live in our accommodation, we will first send a room preference email. We will then issue a licence agreement for you to secure your accommodation. Please note that it may not always be possible to meet your facilties preferences.